The Cat’s Protection League Kitten advent calendar review (AD)

*although this item was gifted, all opinions are my own and I have no obligation to give a positive review

How sad is it that Christmas is now over for another year!? A little while ago the kittens were very kindly sent an advent calendar by the Cat’s Protection League, and today I thought I would let you know how they got on with it.

Big success! They absolutely loved it.

In each door there were 6 or 7 little tiny treats which I would share out between them each day, and they went mad for them. As soon as I picked up the calendar they knew exactly what it was and came running over meowing.

tabby kittens on floral comforter
Photo by Pixabay on

Thank-you ever so much to Cat’s Protection for this lovely gift, I will definitely be buying some next year!

Until next time.


Christmas gifting with Cats Protection (AD)

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  1. Awhh i remember when I use to get my cats advent calendars!! They always use to love it! I couldn’t find any this year though so I will have to look out for these next year!! xx


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