Testing Makeup Revolution – budget friendly makeup review

Hello everyone! For Christmas this year I was so grateful to receive a LOAD of makeup revolution makeup sets, so I thought today I would do a (nearly) full face using these products and test them out for you guys.

Starting with the colour correction palette, this worked really well to cancel out my red patches and brighten up under my eyes, although the texture of it was a bit greasy. It blended out really nicely and you couldn’t see the colour under my foundation.

In this palette there is a contour and sculpt section. I used the lightest shape to hightlight under my eyes and down my nose, number 2 to conceal and 3 and 4 to contour. Overall the colours were nice, not too orange and blended out really well. However I did find it a bit cakey on top of the foundation I used. The powder in the set was good, although it seemed to take ages to set my base. I’m not sure if that was down to the powder or foundation I was using.


For foundation I used this stick foundation in the second lightest shade. I found this foundation to be SO cakey and sticky! It was amazing coverage, don’t get me wrong, but it was just so thick and took ages to set. It also creased pretty quickly and started to look oily much quicker than I expected, and you can see from photos it’s started to separate around my nose and sink into my pores. Overall – not a fan of this, it’s just way too thick!

I then tried out this bronzer, blush and highlight palette. The bronzer was really nice and very pigmented, a little bit went a long way! The blusher was a lovely colour, not too in your face, and the highlighter was so good! It’s now become one of my favourites.


Onto this GIANT eyeshadow palette! I was automatically drawn to the bronze shades, as that is my go to look, but I decided to mix it up and go for a some greens. I started out with a yellow shade as a base, and then blended some greens on top. I found the matte shades needed a lot of work to build up the colour, because when they blend out they go a bit wishy washy, although the shimmer shades were lovely and pigmented. On the whole I love this palette, although a lot of the shades are pretty much the same so they could have added a bit more variety. 


For the eyebrows I used this little powder set. These were really nice powders and worked well, the perfect shade for me I think. I didn’t have a mascara so I just used my TooFaced one, which I love.

I also tested some brushes, which for the price I thought were really good quality.

Until next time.



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  1. Have also never tried Revolution Makeup! I am fairly new to the makeup community though – great looks from the products despite the foundation!


  2. This is a great post and also very interesting !! I love the eye shadow pallet! It’s funny because I was just telling my Husband not too long ago that I wanted to learn better how to apply makeup! Haha. Great post girl!!


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