I’ve been #Hinched!

I tried so hard to not get caught up in the hype of Mrs Hinch, but it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. If you don’t know who she is, where have you been? I find myself watching her videos all the time, and I never thought I’d say this, I LOVE cleaning my house!

I thought today I’d share a little ‘Hinch Haul’ of all the cleaning bits I’ve picked up recently and what I use them for!

Elbow grease degreaser

This works wonders on the inside of my oven, and also works really well on window hinges and outside pvc/guttering.


I love the Asda floor wipes in the apple scent, they are great for wiping the kitchen and bathroom floors when you just don’t have time to do a full mop. I also love the flash surface wipes, which I use for the kitchen worktops and toilet. I don’t use these all the time as they are obviously only single use so can be pretty wasteful, but they are good for just a quick wipe down.

1001 carpet fresh

This is great for making your house smell amazing. It takes any odours out of the carpet and leaves it smelling fresh.


I will admit, I had never heard of this until recently, but I am obsessed. I put a capful in the sink with hot water and the steam makes your whole kitchen smell amazing. I also have a diluted mixture in a spray bottle to use on the worktops, sofa, door handles, you name it. If you look on their website it will tell you a million ways you can use it. My favourite scents are bouquet and grapefruit.

Harpic active fresh

Or as I call it, Harpic duck. I use this daily around the rim of my toilet just to keep it fresh.

Bloo foam aroma

I pop this in my toilet before bed to work its magic over night and it makes your bathroom smell amazing.

I have quite a few other bits that I need to test out, so I may be back soon with another ‘Hinch haul’.

Until next time.


11 thoughts on “I’ve been #Hinched!

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  1. It’s funny I actually quite enjoy cleaning but hate tidying up! I have that elbow grease but haven’t tried it on my oven yet so I’ll definitely be giving them a try and I love antibacterial wipes for quick cleaning I always get the ones from wilko! X


  2. You know what? Floor wipes are fantastic enablers when you struggle with a mop and bucket. More than once in my life I’ve had a back or shoulder injury and needed to clean the floor because I spill stuff, chuck one on the floor and use my foot to push it around to clean up the spill or sticky patch.

    Sure they aren’t great for the environment when you can manage reusable options but they freaking rock for keeping you independent when you can’t.


  3. Lovely post – thanks for sharing. I’ve not heard of Mrs. Hinch so just checked out her videos and obsessed already! Love the idea about using wipes to mop. I always leave mopping till last and sometimes can’t be bothered so I’ll definitely try the wipes to save time!


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