New in – homeware haul! (AD)

This post contains gifted items, however all opinions remain my own.

Hello everyone! Welcome back. I know I’ve been abit MIA recently but I’m back finally, and what better to come back with than with a homeware haul! As you will have heard me ramble on about, my boyfriend and I recently moved out and I have been obsessed with buying homeware bits ever since – I just cant stop.

This Giraffe canvas was from the range and has pride of place on our staircase. The map printed over it matches with the print in our living room, so ties the two areas together.


A couple of bits for the bathroom, we got this hanging bathroom door sign (ebay) to liven up the landing, and this relax sign from Dunelm Mill. I had been after a sign like this for ages but either couldn’t find the right colour to match the bathroom, or the wording wasn’t quite what I wanted.

To fill some space on our bedroom and spare room walls we got a couple of things. First off are these box shelved from B and M, which I have filled with random ornaments and photos. In our spare room we chose this ‘love’ picture from The Range which I adore. It fills the space without being too much.

We have added a few new candles to our collection. First off we discovered that real candles were leaving soot marks all up the walls above our fire place, so we opted for these remote control candles. They come in a pack of 3 from The Range, and obviously we chose grey! They can be changed to flickering or still with different brightness settings, and give the cosy feeling without being real.

Another new set of candles were very kindly gifted to us by the All Candles Wholesale. They are just so pretty I haven’t been able to burn them yet, but they look lovely tucked in the fireplace and makes it look really homely. These are the Florence hand decorated pillar candles which you can find here.

Until next time.



11 thoughts on “New in – homeware haul! (AD)

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  1. I love giraffes so much, our home is full of giraffe ornaments! I bet it looks amazing on your staircase!

    Tori | JustTheBeginning-x


  2. You’re giving me inspiration to decorate because I must admit that my apartment is extremely barren! 🤦‍♀️

    S .x


  3. ohh i love all your new goodies! the box shelf’s are so unique, they had such simile dimension to the room. i also love the candles, no matter what kind but those hand decorated ones are so elegant and beautiful. xx

    mich /


  4. I love buying home wear items, I moved out 3 years ago and I’m still buying bits to improve the flat. I love going to the range they have such lovely bits for such a good price! X


  5. What lovely finishing touches! It’s the little things like this that really make a house a home don’t you think?


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