New in my wardrobe!

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, I recently started a new job. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to update my wardrobe, and of course I wanted to show you some of the bits I got.


I bought a couple of things from Primark. The first thing is this pink blouse with little embossed details on. I am in love with this colour and I think it’s really flattering on my skin tone. The next item from Primark is this sheer dotty top, which I am obsessed with! I have seen this style and pattern of top everywhere at the moment, but I’ve found some of them are a bit in your face. This one is perfect, and I just wear it over a black bodysuit and jeans. Lastly from Primark is this cream coloured cardigan which is perfect for this time of year. It has slightly puffy shoulders which is a nice feature and really lovely buttons. It’s also not too cropped which is great because I hate cropped cardigans!

New Look:

From new look I picked up a couple of bits. Firstly is this little bodycon skirt, which is burgundy with a brown checkered pattern on. I love this skirt and it’s a really great length on me. Another item is this black and blue flowery peplum style top, which i have already worn to death! It’s ever so slightly cropped so looks great with my jeans, but not too cropped that it shows any tummy.


George at Asda:

These next few things I bought at Asda whilst doing my food shopping! I have been really impressed with the range of clothes at George recently and I got quite a few things. The first item is this skirt, which again, I have worn to death. It is the perfect length for work – slightly longer than the previous skirt from New Look, and goes great with a simple black blouse. Another thing I got to wear to work with a black blouse, with a similar pattern, are these lovely slim fit trousers. I think these make me look really put together for work and they are really comfortable.


From Asda I also picked up this lovely white blouse with black dots. I love the neckline of this as it coms up quite high and is ruffled. The last thing i got was this really lovely summery top. It’s got a floral pattern and tortoishell ring details on the straps.


And that’s all the bits I’ve picked up recently, I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time.


6 thoughts on “New in my wardrobe!

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  1. I adore peplum tops, they hide my multitude of belly rolls, and I love the look of the slightly puffed shoulders on the cardigan too. Fab choices, Ellie, and congrats on the new job too! xx


  2. I love that black mesh spotty top – I’ve been searching for one like that! I think it would look cute with a bracket underneath and high waisted denim shorts for summer 💖

    Becca x


  3. I hate that all the tops lately are cropped. I don’t want to show my skin, I need some coverage people!! I love all of the clothes you got though!


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