April Hamster Haul!

Hi everyone! As you’ll probably know, I have a Syrian Hamster called Freya, who I love to spoil by buying her ridiculous amounts of stuff. So I thought I’d share some of the bits I’ve picked up for her recently. Most of this stuff is from Amazon so I’ll start with those things first.

Firstly, I got her some new bedding. I normally like to get the Wilko’s paper bedding but it’s abit difficult to get up into town for obvious reasons, so I thought I would try this one out. This is the Kaytee clean and cozy bedding.

93365445_314059469575833_762939423317819392_n - Copy

I will admit, I do buy too many treats, but these will last for months as we give them to her sparingly. I loved the idea of this banana popcorn, and it was only 99p so I thought we could try these out.


I also found these ‘nibblots’ which I thought looked interesting. These are the carrot flavour but they also come in other flavours. These cookies looked nice as well and I thought she might enjoy them. In a packet you get a few flavours – dandelion & sunflower, marigold & banana and parsley & raspberry.


I picked up this carrier which I thought would be handy for if we ever need to take her to the vets. It’s also a good safe place to keep her whilst cleaning out her cage. This one was £5.99 and I got the size large as this was actually cheaper than the small ones for some reason.

93638488_620954895159332_646788131651059712_n - Copy

Onto toys, and I thought it was about time we upgraded her wheel. She did have a flying saucer wheel but we could see she was curving her back when she was running, so I got her the Trixie 11″ (28cm) wheel. This does come in assorted colours but luckily we got sent the black one as opposed to the bright green one! She is really enjoying this wheel and is on it all the time, and it is a much better size for her to run without bending her back. It was also a bargain at £8.99.


I got this carrot toy, which turned out to be massive! For some reason I didn’t look at the size, and for a couple of pounds I assumed it would be small! This is a great toy as once she has pulled the stuffing out, you can fill it with treats and she can work to get it out again which will keep her busy for a while.

93570806_261884524979846_4666922184071970816_n - Copy

These last 2 toys I got from The Range a while ago. First is this cardboard tube which I have bought before and she gradually chewed her way through it, so I just got a new one as this is by far her favourite toy, and it was really cheap. Another repurchase is this pack of balls with sprouty bits on the top. Again, she loves these as pulls them apart after a while so I got some replacements.

93520348_2322799891346612_5398559443354910720_n - Copy

I hope you enjoyed this haul! I am aware I have a very spoilt little girl but while she is in my care I want to give her the best life I can.

Until next time.


8 thoughts on “April Hamster Haul!

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    1. This is like me with my guinea pig. I go out to buy food or hay and come back with that plus a new tunnel, houses, carrot shaped wooden chews and goodness knows what else. She gets Christmas tree too🤣


  1. Looks like someone is pretty spoiled, and rightfully so! They bring us such joy, it’s the least we can do. Right? I love that carrier… I haven’t seen one like that before, but it would be SO helpful if you ever need to go somewhere (like the vet, as you mentioned).


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