June boohoo haul

Hello everyone! Once again, I was drawn in by a boohoo sale, and I got a few new pieces which I wanted to share. If you want to find out what I picked up in May, you can find it here.

The first item I was drawn to was this mini mouse t-shirt dress. Well, it’s described as a dress but it is way too short for me to wear as a dress – and I’m not exactly tall! I knew this would be the case so I bought it to wear as a t-shirt with shorts, and I love it. It’s a lovely design and a really nice material.


I was in need of some cycling shorts to wear under dresses, as I suffer from good old chub rub! I found these nude colour ones which I thought would do the job perfectly. These feel like a really great quality and are perfect for what I need.


I loved the look of this body suit, as I don’t really have anything with this neckline and I loved the sleeve detail. This unfortunately doesn’t quite stretch enough to do up underneath, but that okay because I can just tuck it in under my skirt/jeans. I also need to put a button or clasp on the plunge area as it is a tiny bit too low for my liking.


I was after some new gym trainers for when I can go back to the gym, and I spotted these grey ones and I fell in love. These fit really well and look great, and they’re really comfortable.


I was in need of a small plain black bag to use for going out for meals etc, and I spotted this one which I really liked. It’s a great size for an evening bag and a really nice design.


I also got this clip, as I’ve seen lots of people wearing these recently so I thought I would get one myself!


Until next time.



9 thoughts on “June boohoo haul

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  1. I absolutely love the black bodysuit ! You can dress it up or down and I adore the black purse ! Great haul !


  2. I’ve been after a pair of cycling shorts to wear under my dresses for ages! Thanks for sharing these. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the look of that bodysuit too.


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