My July 2020 goals

Hi everybody. We are now 1 week into July – can you believe it!? I thought I would bring back my monthly goals posts, as I find it’s a nice way to keep track of achievements throughout the month.

One of my main personal goals this month is to up my money saving game. I’ve been spending so much money during lockdown, but I’ve decided this needs to stop and I have set myself savings goals on my banking app which I intend on sticking to!

In the theme of saving money, I would really like to sell most of the items on my depop this month. It is taking up so much space and I just want it gone at this point.

This month I am hoping to get back into a healthy eating/exercise routine. I’m hoping my gym will reopen again soon so I can start going, because I just cannot get motivated to exercise at home! I’d really like to get a few pounds closer to my wight loss goal.

Onto blogging and statistics goals, this month I would love to reach:

WordPress followers – 660

Twitter followers – 2.6k

Instagramfollowers – 1650

I would love to do a paid collaboration this month, and work on a few gifted product reviews. I would also love to raise my blog’s DA by a couple points, so if you have any tips for this please let me know!

Until next time.


22 thoughts on “My July 2020 goals

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  1. I love reading what goals people have for the month because they can be so inspiration and give us ideas for ourselves. Good luck with your goals for the month ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. This is great I hope you reach those goals! I am so close to reaching my follower targets for this month on instagram and twitter, but I really want to work on improving my DA and getting better at pinterest!


  3. Those are great goals! I think making a post to keep yourself accountable is a really good idea. Hope you reach them all!


  4. Sounds like some amazing and achievable goals! Being on lockdown is hard. I understand about the overspending (it’s easy to do when you’re not distracted by other things all day), and letting exercise and fitness fall by the wayside. I’m going to be trying harder with both of those this month too. Happy July!


  5. Those are awesome goals! Iโ€™ve used Poshmark to sell my clothes but never depop. I might have to look into that because I too still have a lot of clothes lying around with no where to go! – Josie xxx


  6. I love this post! I find it super interesting to hear other peopleโ€™s goals. Iโ€™m also trying to get into a better exercise routine this month, good luck with your goals! Xx


  7. Ooooh I love your goals! I definitely want to achieve some blogging goals as well. Your statistics are amazing!! I hope you get that paid collab.

    I also have so much stuff on my Depop- I am dying to get rid of it! Probably sold more clothes than blog followers at this rate but we move.


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