Clean with me – my kitchen cleaning essentials!

Hi everyone! A while ago I wrote a post called ‘I’ve been Hinched‘ where I explained my new love for buying cleaning products and cleaning my house – Hinch style. Since then, I feel like the Hinch hype has died down a bit – but not in my house!

I still love having a good old clean, so I thought today I would do a little ‘clean with me’ and share with you some of my favourite cleaning products to use – kitchen edition.

First I start with the kitchen sides. I like to take everything off and give it a good wipe down. My favourite thing to use for this is the Method disinfectant spray in the rhubarb scent, which smells amazing. I then use this to wipe down the kitchen cupboards and all the handles.

I then move onto the sink. Firstly I pour some bicarb into the plug, followed by some white vinegar. This fizzes up and removes all the grime from down the plug. While this does its thing, I go in with the pink stuff on the draining board and around the sink. I love the liquid version as I find it’s so much easier to use and doesn’t take as much work to get it all off. This scrubs away any build up and leaves the sink spotless. I then use the CIF shine spray which gives the most amazing shine!

I fill the sink with boiling water and a cap-full of my favourite Zoflora, which is the Bouquet scent. This makes the whole room smell amazing!

My favourite product to use to clean the fridge and microwave is the Ozmo cleaner. This is a really lovely product with a really subtle fragrance. This works really well to get up any stuck on food or grime.

For all of this I love using the Minky pads. I have used other branded versions of these before but they never quite match up to the real deal.

Lastly, on the floors I have really been enjoying using the Flash speed mop. It’s so quick and easy to use – you just have to put one of the Flash refills on the bottom and you’re good to go!

What are your favourites products to use in the kitchen?

Until next time.



11 thoughts on “Clean with me – my kitchen cleaning essentials!

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  1. Wow I really need to step up my kitchen cleaning tools! I really love method bathroom cleaners and will have to check out the ones you listed!


  2. This post is my JAM! I love cleaning, I’ve just been round home bargains and stocked up. I am off out this morning but I am counting down to cleaning time.

    Pink stuff is amazing, I can’t believe it passed me by for so long x


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