My latest Netflix favourites! What I’ve been watching recently.

Hi everyone! My last Netflix post seemed to go down well so today I thought I’d share my latest Netflix favourites. As I am still off work for a while, I’m sure I’ll have lots of these posts coming!


One of my favourite things to watch as a teenager was Glee, and I’ve re-watched it a couple of times in the last year. However, with recent news it prompted me to watch it yet again in memory. This show was such a big part of my school years and I’ll never get tired of it.



A series that I discovered recently is VWARS. I absolutely loved this – it’s a vampire series but it’s serious, showing what could happen if there was a vampire virus outbreak. I have just found out that season 2 has been cancelled, however Ian Somerhalder has stated this isn’t the end for his character, so we’ll have to see what happens!


Murder Mystery

A film that I absolutely loved is Murder Mystery. I love any Adam Sandler film, especially when he’s partnered with Jennifer Anniston. They go on holiday and end up on a boat with lot’s of rich people, who end up getting killed one by one and they have to find who did it. It’s not very serious as you can imagine, but is really good.


And that’s what I’ve been watching recently, let me know what you recommend I watch next!

Until next time.


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  1. I absolutely loved Glee growing up, and I think it’s so sad how much that cast have had to go through since it started. But I agree, it was amazing show and without it I wouldn’t have nearly as much knowledge of music as I do today x


    1. Didn’t think I’d like Murder Mystery as Adam Sandler could be a little hit and miss, but really enjoyed it!

      I have Glee on my watch list and will start it sometime. I loved Glee back in the day until they had a bit of an overhaul of the main characters (and I probably got a bit old for it!).


  2. These all seem like fascinating shows. It’s been a while since I watched anything on Netflix but the last one I watched and loved was The Witcher.


  3. I think I have V Wars on my list! Glad you like it – definitely making me want to watch it even more. My boyfriend and I are re-watching The Umbrella Academy before we start on season 2!


  4. I didn’t realize Glee was on netflix! I loved that show in high school and would really love to experience it again, especially given this past year. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Glee is a forever favorite of mine. Hearing about Naya really sent me into a dark state, but I have been in the mood to watch the show again – I guess it’s time to cry all over again. Also, I loved Murder Mystery. Totally hilarious – and a great date night watch. Sounds like you’ve got some good ones here for sure!


  6. Ugh there are so many shows that just got me through these past few months!! My favs are definitely The Umbrella Academy, every season of AHS, and of course I had to rewatch some episodes of Gilmore Girls lol Loving this list!!!
    xo Bri


  7. I might watch Murder Mystery very soon. The name is similar to scary movie, as neither of them are what they look like haha 😉


  8. I have never heard of VWARS, but it sounds really interesting. I’m a big lover of movies and shows discussing vampires, so I’m definitely going to have to check it out.


  9. I’ve been rewatching Glee too! I loved it when I was in school, but it does feeling bittersweet knowing that Cory and Naya are gone 😔

    I’ve also been watching The Fall, it’s quite dark but the storyline is so captivating.


  10. I love Glee! And love rewatching random episodes.
    I’ve started Murder Mystery but never finished it so I might try it again soon and I love Adam and Jennifer working together.


  11. I haven’t seen these but I’ve heard lots of good things about Glee – I may have to give it a try!


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