The one with the Revolution Collab!

OH MY GOD! I was so excited when I discovered Revolution had teamed up with F.R.I.E.N.D.S to bring out a makeup collection! I have always been a die hard fan of this show, and it’s always my go to thing to watch when I’m not feeling great.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on all of the products I wanted, because by the time I was ON A BREAK (get it?) at work, a lot of it had sold out. The scrunchie set and the lobster makeup bag in particular are on my ’email when back in stock’ list!

When choosing an eyeshadow palette, I went for the one I knew I would get the most use out of. In an ideal world, I would have bought them all, but unfortunately I can only stretch my budget to products I’m actually going to use and not have sat in a drawer forever more. This, of course, turned out to be the Rachel palette. The colours in this one were much more neutral with a hint of pink, which is right up my street. This was £8 which I think is great value – it works out less than £1 a shade!

Onto the lipsticks, and again I went for the one that I would actually get a lot of use out of. Again, this happened to be the Rachel shade, which I thought was the most nude shade out of the collection. This came out much darker than I expected but I still love it – it’s a really lovely autumnal shade! This was £6.

I then decided to get the Rachel lip gloss as well, as this is clear and all the other colours I wouldn’t end up using. I think this would look perfect on top of the lipstick. This is a really lovely gloss – it’s not too sticky and it has a lovely faint coconut smell. This one was also £6.

Have you bought anything from the new Revolution x F.R.I.E.N.D.S collection? Let me know what you thought!

Until next time.


13 thoughts on “The one with the Revolution Collab!

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  1. Talk about a seriously fun collection! I don’t know much about Revolution, but I love that they put this together. It’s totally nostalgic! The eyeshadow palette has the cutest names.

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  2. This is such a cool idea! To be honest, I’ve never watched friends before haha but I know I really need to!! I love seeing all of its influences everywhere

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  3. Oooo I had no idea about this collab! What a funky idea. When you break it down to under £1 per shade for the eyeshadow palette it seems like pretty good value for money too. I’m going to go check out the range now because this looks awesome!!

    Caz xx


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