A Gift Guide and haul for Hamsters and Small Animals! Christmas 2020

Hello everyone! Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m sure by now you will have already thought about gifts for everyone in your life. But what about your little rodent friends? I always see so many gift guides for dogs and cats, but small animals often don’t get much of a mention.

So I thought I would do a little roundup of what I’ve gotten little Freya this year! And before you say anything – yes I know there are A LOT of treats, but these will last her a very long time.

Toys and decorations

I saw these Christmas trees in Pets At Home and I couldn’t resist getting them to decorate her enclosure. They’re essentially just cardboard rolls with twine and wicker wrapped around them, so they are safe for hamsters to chew up if they want to (which she already has done to two of them)!

One of Freya’s favourite toys are the Rosewood brand Weave-a-Balls. We always get these for her, as they’re great to stuff treats into for a bit of enrichment. I found these festive coloured ones in Pets at Home and thought they were perfect for this time of year.

Hamster Christmas toys

Another set of toys I found were these little wooden carrots to chew on. She loves things like this to play with and I thought the price was really good for a whole set. These were from an online shop called Viovet, which I had never shopped from before but I definitely will do again.

I got this really cute wooden reindeer toy that hangs from the top of her enclosure. This is perfectly safe for her to chew on – although I hope she doesn’t damage it too much. It was very cheap so I can always repurchase it if she nibbles it a lot. Again this is from Viovet.


Onto some treats, and I couldn’t resist getting this seed gingerbread man. It is pretty big, and was only £1 from Pets at Home. I will be chopping this into bits as it’s way too much to give in one go!

This next item drew me in by the packaging. These are coconut snowballs and they are packaged so nicely, like a little bag on sweets. These are from Pets at Home, and Freya has already had one and seemed to enjoy it.

hamster treats
Hamster treats

These are a firm favourite, and I always pick some up whenever I go to Pets at Home (they also sell them in the Range and Viovet). These are nibblots, which come in a couple flavours. This time I got the berries flavour but they also do a carrot one too.

hamster treats
Hamster treats

For a slightly healthier treat option, this fruit salad mix is great. As with all treats, this should be given in moderation, but it is slightly better for your small pet than some of the other, more novelty treats.

Another item I just couldn’t resist when I saw them were these mince pies. These are actually wood based for them to chew on, so the edible bit of it isn’t quite as big as it looks. Regardless, this is still way too big for a hamster to be given at once, so I will be chopping this up into smaller portions.

hamster mince pie treats
Hamster mince pies

Rosewood Naturals Festive Selection Box

I really loved the look of this selection box, which I think would make a great gift for your little pets. It contains the coconut snowballs, as well as festive herbs, Christmas cookies and carrot & elderberry trees. I think this is a great price for the amount of treats that are in there.

hamster Christmas selection box
Hamster Christmas selection box

Pets at Home advent calendar for small animals

A great idea for this time of year is an advent calendar for your little pets. Why should they miss out on the daily fun? This one from Pets at Home was really inexpensive and Freya seems to be enjoying her treats every day.

hamster advent calendar
Hamster advent calendar

ZeroSmart Carbon Offsetting

One gift idea I wanted to mention is from a company called ZeroSmart. This is perfect for a hamster owner – or any pet owner really – who is looking for ways to be more carbon neutral. From £5 you can make a pet carbon neutral for a year via carbon offsetting. Each purchase funds top-quality verified climate-positive projects and planting trees to immediately remove more carbon than you contribute to the atmosphere. This is a great gift for somebody if they are eco-conscious, and the recipient will receive a personalised digital certificate of being carbon neutral included.


Until next time.


17 thoughts on “A Gift Guide and haul for Hamsters and Small Animals! Christmas 2020

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  1. Aww, these are so cute! I love that they cater gifts for all pets, and there are some lovely ones for hamsters! I don’t have any pets, but I know I would be stocking up on all kinds of things for them if I did!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo


  2. Such a nice idea! I used to have gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, and dwarf rabbits. The last one died 10 years ago, 2 weeks after my father passed. Things are just too chaotic to keep the little critters right now, but they would have loved these!


  3. Omg I love these 😍 at the moment I have a Christmas tree nibble hanging in Charlies cage as well and he loves it, but those mince pies would be a perfect addition. I’m definitely going to look if they have them in the Netherlands as well 👌🏻


  4. Oh my goodness these are all adorable! Such a different gift guide, we often forget about the smaller members of the family! It’s their Christmas too


  5. This is such an adorable idea – we have tried getting out cat an advent calendar but he didn’t want to even smell the treats! Such a spoilt brat ha!


  6. This is such a niche and unique gift guide – I love it! There’s always gift guides for dogs and cats around but rarely any for smaller animals, so I’m sure this will come in handy for a lot of people! It doesn’t matter what pet you have, they’re always part of the family!


  7. Omg, my son will definitely love these ideas. We bought him a hamster during lockdown and he’s given him much joy and a sense of responsibility. He’s called Waffle Bob and he’s gorgeous. Thanks for the gift -spiration


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