The 15 questions of Christmas tag

Hi everyone! Today I have another Christmas tag for you. I was very kindly tagged by Anna, so make sure you check out her post! Let’s get straight into it:

Christmas tree. Real or fake?

I’m very much a fake tree person – they’re just so much easier to deal with, and aren’t spider infested fire hazards! I’m just not a fan of real trees and find it’s such a waste of a perfectly good tree.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

Holiday drinks. Coca Cola, eggnog or hot chocolate? Or maybe something different? What you drink on Christmas?

My holiday drinks don’t really differ much from normal days, but I must admit the drink that I only drink at this time of year is Baileys! I love it, but I only buy it at Christmas.

What’s your own Christmas tradition?

Every year Aaron and I decorate a gingerbread house. We never eat it, and it normally ends up falling apart, but it’s something I insist on doing for the past 7 years.

Snow or no snow? Is snow necessary for you to have a Christmas mood? Do you have snow in your town on the winter holidays?

We don’t often have snow, and as much as I love it, it can be a real pain when you have to go out to work.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Do you like to stay Home on Christmas or to travel during the winter holidays?

Stay home for sure!

Christmas fairy lights. Multicolor or warm white (yellow)?

I love warm lights, I think cool tones make it feel a lot more cold and multi coloured looks abit much in my opinion.

Your top 3 must-watch films every Christmas?

The Grinch, The Holiday and ELF.

Ginger cookies or sugar cookies? Or you’re not ”a cookie person”?

I love gingerbread men/cookies!

Do you prefer to watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music on holidays?

I think listen to music – there’s always a lot to do this time of year so it’s much easier to put songs on in the background than a film.

Must-have items on your festive dinner?

I actually love sprouts, so I’m always happy this time of year when the sprouts appear on the menu!

Photo by Nicole Michalou on

Do you wear ”ugly” sweaters, fancy dresses, or pjamas?

Pyjamas or a festive jumper – wouldn’t say ugly though!

An angel or a star as the decoration for the top of your Christmas tree? What looks better and cozier?

I like stars for the top of the tree – however as we only have a skinny tree, the top is too flimsy to hold one up so we have tied a bow around to top and put a gonk decoration up there!

Decorate early or decorate on December 23?

Early but not too early – December the first for me!

Do you celebrate New Year Eve?

Not really, we normally just get a takeaway and stay in.

What’s the best thing about Christmas?

Having time off with your family and friends is my favourite thing – and the excuse to eat all the food!

Photo by Jill Wellington on

I really enjoyed answering these questions! If you do this tag, make sure you leave a link in the comments so I can go and read it.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “The 15 questions of Christmas tag

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  1. I was talking about Baileys at work the other day. Nearly everyone I have ever spoken to has had the drink and said how gorgeous it is. I’ve never had it!! But this year, I’m definitely going to.


  2. This is such a fun & festive tag!
    I prefer fake trees too & I bought a gingerbread house for me & my daughter to decorate! I also love The Grinch & Elf!


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