Last minute Christmas gift ideas 2020

Hi everyone! It’s almost Christmas, and whilst the majority of people probably have all of their gifts sorted by now, for those of you who haven’t – here is a last minute gift guide if you’re still stuck for ideas! Make sure you check out this year’s main gift guide and last year’s guide as well for loads more ideas.

I have also got some gift guides for hamsters/small animals and cats if you need some ideas for your furry friends!

Singing Medicine

Singing Medicine are a choir who sing with ill children in hospital to help with isolation and provide patients with a natural boost. When the pandemic hit and the team could no longer visit hospitals, a new approach was needed to ensure their work continued.  

One part of this is the creation of their mascot ‘Noah Bear’ which was imagined and created by the author of ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ Joanna Harrison. They have taken the Noah Bear design and created several beautiful items, which can be purchased from their website to not only make beautiful gifts, but the profits go to the charity ensuring the continuation of their work. A couple of my favourites are the Noah Bear Pillow and the Noah Bear Mug.

Steeps One Shot

If you know someone who is into their super healthy drinks and wants to boost their immune system, it might be worth heading in the direction of Steeps One Shot. They create shots that are filled with immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly ingredients. It is a blend of 7 simple organic ingredients: turmeric, ginger, chilli, onion, garlic and horseradish, all infused for 12 weeks in apple cider vinegar. ‘It’s the perfect gift for anyone wanting to stay in tip-top condition as it’s everything you need in one shot!

Journals For Life

If someone on your Christmas list enjoys or could benefit from a journal, Journals For Life is definitely worth taking a look at. Their mission is to ‘bring happiness, joy, peace, and prosperity to all of our customers through the use of our specially designed guided journals.’ I really love the look of the Daily Mindfulness Journal and I think I’ll be adding it to my Christmas list!

Journals For Life

Hettie the Talking Yeti

One for the kids now! Children’s author Joanne Hutchinson, who already has two best-sellers, is set to release her latest book – called Hettie the Talking Yeti.

‘The story starts with a little boy discovering a mysterious box on his doorstep. He opens the box and discovers a fluffy furry ball inside called Hettie the Yeti. Hettie talks about all the amazing adventures she’s had but talks incessantly day and night, leaving her host tired and worn-out. So in desperation he leaves the box with Hettie inside on a friend’s doorstep, but the friend brings him round to show him off the next day and the whole cycle starts again!  This imaginative rhyming book for little ones will have children amused and enchanted, with its bold, bright and colourful illustrations and fun characters.’

Hettie the Talking Yeti by Joanne Hutchinson sounds like a really great book! It retails at £7.99 and is available to buy from Amazon, Waterstones and

Hettie the talking Yeti

Miracle’s mission

Miracle’s Mission is a non-profit animal welfare organisation founded by Victoria Bryceson. They work with sick, injured and difficult animals, with a mission to provide a place of safety for animals in danger, to educate on the need for neutering both pets and strays and to neuter stray dogs and cats to prevent the birth of more dogs and cats onto the streets.

‘Miracle was a dog who was rescued from the streets of Borneo at one week old, before her tiny eyes were even open. She had several injuries and was very weak, but she made a miraculous recovery and is now a strong, happy and healthy dog. Victoria is now working towards saving many more stray dogs and other stray animals all around the world, starting in Borneo where Miracle was rescued.’

You can support Miracle’s Mission in many ways, but one way is to buy gifts from their shop. One of my favourite items are these tshirts, which are £8 each. You can also buy a Christmas Dinner or a toy for a dog or cat, which comes with a certificate. And with so many hungry mouths to feed at Miracle’s Mission, your gift will make a massive difference to the quality of life of a dog or cat at this time of year. I think this is an amazing gift and I will definitely be doing it myself this year.


MoreTrees is the ultimate last-minute Christmas gift that saves you while saving the planet. From only £1, you can gift a tree to family, friends, clients, customers, the postman….all sent with your own personal message.  Similar to a company mentioned in my hamster gift guide, each tree planted offsets carbon while providing rural communities with work and income, and reversing the effects of deforestation. 

Photo by Simon Matzinger on

And there you have it! Items perfect for a last minute gift. Let me know your thoughts in the comments – have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Until next time.


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  1. Noah the bear looks so cute. For the kids we are finished, I’ve just got to the typical last minute bloke shopping for the mrs. The book hetti the talking yeti looks and sounds fab, may have to add that to our collection. Merry Christmas.


  2. Aw I love gift guides and these are perfect ideas for last minute gifts! I’m a very prepared shopper and I think I have everything I need- but lots of my friends haven’t even started shopping yet :/


  3. These are such excellent last-minute gifts. I especially love the Shots. I know they are immune-boosting etc, but I had a giggle to myself thinking they were small shots of alcohol.


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