A full face of vegan makeup – Veganuary 2021

Hi everyone! As it’s Veganuary, I thought today I’d share a full face of makeup using only vegan products! Fortunately, a lot of my every day makeup is vegan, so I don’t have to splash out on too many new products. Note that some of these brands have a couple of products that are currently not vegan, which contain products such as lanolin or beeswax, but the actual products I’m using are vegan and the brands are cruelty free.


Firstly for my base I started with one of my favourite products, which is the Superdrug vitamin C skin booster, which I have found has really helped brighten my skin over the past few months.

superdrug vitamin c skin booster
Superdrug Vitamin C skin booster

I had heard so many people mention this primer so I just had to get it to try out. It is the e.l.f luminous putty primer, and so far I really like it. It gives such a smooth base for foundation and has a lovely glowy finish.

For foundation I’ve used my current favourite, the Wet and Wild photo focus foundation in the shade soft beige. I really love this foundation – it’s a lovely glowy finish without being really oily, and is a great shade for when I’ve tanned.

For concealer I’ve used a new discovery of mine – the e.l.f camo concealer in the shade light beige. I absolutely love this concealer, it’s quite a thick formula but it blends into the foundation really well. This has really good coverage and has definitely become a favourite.

wet and wild foundation, elf putty primer, elf camo concealer
Wet and Wild foundation, elf putty primer, elf camo concealer

My everyday powder was unfortunately not vegan, so I picked up this Natural Collection matte pressed powder in the shade warm. This is a great powder, and I found I didn’t need to use much for it to work which is great.

Again, most of the bronzers in my collection aren’t suitable, so I had a look around and found this NYX matte bronzer in the shade medium. I really like this bronzer. It’s very warm and needed blending quite a bit, but it was fairly easy to blend in and turned out to be a lovely bronzer.

natural collection matter powder, nyx matter bronzer
natural collection matte powder, nyx matte bronzer

Another product I’ve recently added to my collection is the Flower Beauty blusher in the shade sweet pea. This is a gorgeous colour and the presentation is lovely! It blends really nicely too.

For highlighter is used the Ofra highlighter in the shade Rodeo Drive. I love this shade – it’s a lovely champagne gold and is the perfect shade for my skin tone.

flower beauty blusher, ofra highlighter in rodeo drive
flower beauty blusher, ofra highlighter in rodeo drive


It came to my attention I didn’t have many eyeshaddow palettes that would be suitable for this look, as most of the ones I own are either Urban decay which are not vegan, and revolution which is abit of a grey area. I found this in my collection which barely gets used, so I thought I would make use of it. It’s the Barry M wildlife palette in the Rhino shade. I will admit this isn’t my favourite palette – I find it hard to create a look using the shades and also the darker shades are abit hard to blend and end up abit patchy. But using the lighter nudes and shimmers seems to work fine for me.

barry m wildlife palette
Barry M wildlife palette

If you have read my makeup posts before you will know my ride or die eyeliner is the Soap&Glory supercat liner. I love this liner – I have tried so many over the years but nothing has come close to this one.

The mascara used for this look was the e.l.f volume plumping mascara. I will admit this isn’t the best mascara in my opinion. It definitely isn’t volumising for my lashes, but as I am using lashes it’s not too bad.

On my eyebrows I used the Soap&Glory archery pencil and setting gel in the shade brown. I really like this product, however I have found I need to press quite hard to get the product to work.

soap and glory supercat liner, elf volumising mascara, soap and glory archery
soap and glory supercat liner, elf mascara, soap and glory archery

For eyelashes I used the GWA lashes in the style Glamour. These are the perfect shape and size for my eyes, although I had to trim them a bit first. I find the glue is really good with the GWA lashes too.

GWA lashes
GWA lashes


For my lips I used yet another e.l.f product – the liquid matte lipstick in the shade blushing rose. This is one of my favourite shades and formulas – it isn’t too dry and doesn’t transfer or rub off too much throughout the day.

elf matte liquid lipstick
elf matte liquid lipstick

Until next time


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  1. I truly love that elf is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. I really enjoy so many of their products. I’ll have to check out some of the others you mentioned that are unfamiliar to me!

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  2. Thanks for the post. I haven’t tried Soap&Glory, I will have to look them up. Here’s a tip for concealer consistency, mix a drop of concealer and a drop of eye cream on the back of your hand. Apply with a brush (less is more). Give it a second or two to set. Wipe off your brush and blend, blend, blend. All the best!

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