Even more Vegan discoveries! Veganuary 2021 (ad)

This post contains gifted items sent for review.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the Veganuary content so far. I have already covered some vegan treats, as well as a full face of vegan makeup. Today I wanted to share even more food and drink items and companies that I have discovered during Veganuary this year.

Root Kitchen

As a veggie, I often find it hard and very frustrating to find ready meals for when I’m just not feeling like cooking or if I’m home late. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tomato pasta bake, but when that’s normally the only option I can get a bit fed up with it.

I recently discovered Root Kitchen, which is a plant based frozen ready meal brand, who offer a range of 10 plant-based twists on traditional cuisine from around the world, ranging from Italian inspired Aubergine Al Forno to a delicious version of the nation’s favourite dish, Tofu Tikka Masala! You can build boxes of 6, 8 or 10 meals to be delivered to your door either as a one off or a subscription service. The meals all look really nice, and are definitely a step-up from your regular, and sometimes boring, vegan ready meals. Root Kitchen ready meals are available to order on the company’s website and online supermarkets The Vegan Kind and Frozenly. All meals are packaged in recyclable packaging and shipped using a carbon neutral courier.

Root Kitchen
Root Kitchen


I was recently very kindly sent a tin of cakes made by the company Honeybuns, who are based in Dorset. Emma started Honeybuns in 1998 in a kitchen, with deliveries to customers on bicycle. Since then the company has grown organically to now provide delivery of tasty gluten free treats via their online shop.

They do a big range of vegan cakes, and they are all gluten free. I tried the oaty dark chocolate bar with coconut, the millionaires slice and the dark chocolate brownie, and I can confirm they all taste absolutely amazing. They came in this really lovely tin which I will be re-using as a cake tin, and all were individually wrapped which is great if you want to take them out about. This would also make a lovely gift for somebody.

honeybuns cakes
Honeybuns cakes
Honeybuns dark chocolate brownie
Honeybuns Dark Chocolate Brownies

Squash Stix

I have recently come across a product which I think is an absolutely brilliant idea. These are Squash Stix, which are little stick pouches of squash that you pour into 200ml of water. These are perfect for on the go, particularly if you have kids, as you can pop some into your handbag and you’re good to go. They’re also great for places like hospitals, nursing homes and schools, because they come in single portions so prevent contamination. They are also low cost and very convenient, and don’t take much space to store.

These Squash Stix are vegan friendly, and contain no added sugar or artificial colours/flavours. They also have a vitamin version, however that one is not suitable for vegans so I will cover these in another post.

Squash Stix
Image: Squash Stix website
Squash Stix
Image: Squash Stix website

Organic India

One product I wanted to mention in this post is Organic India, who I actually got to work with at Christmas in a gift guide. I was gifted some of their supplements to try out and I’ve really been enjoying taking them. I’ve been using the Immunity and the Amalaki ones, and so far I’m definitely seen some benefits. These are vegan friendly, and they also use glass bottles instead of plastic to reduce waste and also bisphenol, which can cause serious health issues, such as cancer.

Organic India Supplements
Organic India Supplements

Until next time.


18 thoughts on “Even more Vegan discoveries! Veganuary 2021 (ad)

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  1. Organic India is a great company! I use their supplements and teas. Have not heard of the Squash Stix company. I don’t quite understand the Squash product – is it an instant soup? It looks like a beverage, but squash?


  2. I’m doing Veganuary as well 🙂
    I am not sure that we get a lot of those products in Australia but they sound awesome!
    Good job x


  3. These are my absolute favourite blog posts to read so thank you for sharing! I definitely want to order some Honeybuns! 🙂


  4. I’m vegetarian & I agree there aren’t many ready made meals so it’s good to know about Root Kitchen! Also the cakes from Honeybuns look delicious!


  5. I’m definitely going to check out Root Kitchen! I’m not a veggie but I would like to start incorporating more veggie meals into my diet and this sounds like the perfect place to start x


  6. I love this! It is so wonderful that there are all of these awesome vegan treats that are available now! It’s so much easy to not eat an animal!


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