My 2021 blogging goals!

OK, so I’m abit late to the party on this one, and that’s because I wasn’t actually going to do a goals post. What’s the point, right? In lockdown we can’t really go out to achieve things.

But then I thought hang on, there are some blogging goals on my list I want to achieve this year so why not share them?


I try not to focus too much on the numbers, but let’s face it, it’s nice to see your numbers growing and it feels like the effort being put in is being acknowledged. Here are some number goals I’d love to achieve this year:

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I’d love to work with a lot of brands this year, and also work on getting a lot more paid collaborations. I already have a few brand featured lined up for the next couple of months, so make sure you keep an eye out for those.

Once my DA has gone up, I’d really like to start advertising bloggers on my blog. I had planned to do this at the end of 2020, but I decided to remove the .wordpress from my domain which made my DA 10 plummet back to 1. It has increased recently so I have high hopes it’ll grow by the end of the year.

Another area I want to work on is affiliates. I am an affiliate for nextbase dash cams , which you can read about here if you’re interested, but I’d love to start working with more companies.

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I’ve really been working on my instagram recently so I’d love to have you as a follower. I also would like to work on my photography and get more comfortable being the subject of the photo. I tried to do a mini photoshoot the other day with my tripod and didn’t like many of the photos – even though I’ve been told they’re fine. I think it’s mostly a confidence thing so I will definitely be trying to work on that, as well as learning how to take better and more flattering pictures.

One aim for over lockdown while I’m off work is to update all my older posts with new pictures. I’ve already started updating them for SEO so it shouldn’t take me too long.

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What are some of your goals this year?

Until next time.


27 thoughts on “My 2021 blogging goals!

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  1. These are great goals…hope you are able to smash them (which I am sure you will!).
    I haven’t set any formal goals, but one would be to raise my DA too, it has been stuck at 10 forever haha!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  2. Awesome, I hope you’ll be able to reach your goals or even exceed it. It’s true, looking at the numbers motivates you to grind more and work on your goals. I only got DA 5, lol.. I wish it would be better this year. 🙂 Happy blogging!

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  3. I also recently removed the WordPress part of my blog so my DA is currently on 1 which is very annoying but I’m hoping for it to at least get to 5! I’ve just followed you on Insta – thought I was already…oops. Your goals sound great, I hope you have a great year and achieve them x

    Caroline |

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  4. I love your goals for this year! I also have the goal of getting my DA up as ever since I’ve changed up my domain I haven’t been able to get it to go any higher which is so frustrating! I’ve been going through all my older posts over the last few days updating my SEO so I’m hoping it’ll go up soon..

    Samantha |

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  5. Love these goals Ellie! I’ve been thinking of updating all my old photos on my blog but dread to think how long it’d take me! SEO is something i do wanna work on as I’m clueless!

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  6. Some great goals there. It’s important to set targets, but equally important to identify tasks or activities that will help you reach them, and a lot of that will come down to trying out different things.

    It’ll be interesting to review these goals and progress against them in December.

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  7. Some great goals here. I think although we’re in lockdown and a pandemic it’s still important to have some goals that you’re passionate about working towards and blogging is a great one for that because it doesn’t always require going anywhere! xx


  8. I love this. You can definitely achieve the goals, you have such a positive mindset and even though theres a lockdown it’s still important to have goals – Think this is what is getting us through the pandemic. I have bought a few Childcare courses from Wowcher and I am focusing on my driving lessons via Youtube videos so once lockdown is lifted I can hopefully smash my driving test. xx

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  9. Love these goals and I hope you achieve them! I definitely want to increase my DA to 15 as well, lovely. All the best!


  10. These are great goals that are also quite specific. I want to remain consistent on my new blog, increase my following on all platforms, and become a better photographer, interviewer, and writer.


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