January clothing haul – Boohoo, New Look and George

Hello everyone! I’m at that stage of lockdown where I just can’t stop buying things online – and this time I’ve bought quite a few new clothing items I wanted to share with you. Back in the summer I did a couple of boohoo orders, which you can check out here and here, as I think quite a bit of it may still be stocked.

New Look

I have been living in a burgundy version of this top over the last few weeks, so I thought I’d get a couple more in different colours. They are the perfect casual top and great to chuck on when you don’t want to sit in pjs all day, but still want some comfort. And you won’t need to get changed to pop to the shops! I got the Camel colour and the light pink.

I also got a 2 pack of plain black leggings to wear with these tops, as the ones I had have gotten a bit old now and are about to become holey. These are great as they’re not super see-through and they’re high waisted so they fit really nicely. Again, these are perfect for when you want to be comfy but not sit in pjs all day.


The main reason for doing a boohoo order was for this dress. I’d seen it advertised on facebook and I fell in love with it. It’s not quite as flattering on me as it is on the model, but I’ve added a belt to pull in the waist and I think it helps. It’s also quite thin so I’ll have to be careful what undies I wear with it.

I’m obsessed with bodysuits at the moment, I just think they’re so easy to wear. I loved the look of this floral print bodysuit however it is a little bit on the small size, particularly in length, so I’ll have to swap it for a bigger one. It’s also pretty see-through and thin and not the best quality I’ve had from boohoo.

Another bodysuit I thought looked like a great idea is this t-shirt design one. There’s nothing worse than when your t-shirt bunches up when it’s tucked into your jeans, so this offers the perfect solution. I went for this mink colour which I thought would look really lovely, although it’s more of a beige colour than on the website. Again this one is extremely thin and you can see everything through it, so I’ll probably be sending this one back.

Next I found these really adorable mickey mouse socks which I just HAD to get. These are really good quality and I’m in love with them!

George at Asda

From Asda I got this Friends top which I really love. I’m not sure whether this is supposed to be a pyjama top or not but I’ll be wearing it as a normal tshirt. For a crop it’s not too short and is perfect for around the house or to the shops.

I’m not sure what’s happened to boohoo recently but I’ve found their stuff is just getting thinner and thinner and is definitely not the same quality as it used to be.

Until next time.


23 thoughts on “January clothing haul – Boohoo, New Look and George

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  1. I love the friends top! It’s so cute! I have avoided buying clothes this year so far. I have so many that I am trying to be a bit better about buying things.

    I am living in jumpers and layers as my house is like an old church, it’s freezing!

    I really love that dress, I think it looks great on you x


  2. Wow that dress is so gorgeous on you! That would be perfect for the inbetween weather of we’re so optimisitc it’s Spring but my god it’s still cold outside!!

    I loved this post, more clothes hauls please!!



  3. I love that dress from Boohoo – it’s a shame so many of their pieces didn’t work out. I also find Boohoo to be really quite thin and it’s just a hassle to send back. I also really love the Friends top – it would be perfect to lounge in but it also looks like a nice top to wear out casually.



  4. The Boohoo floral bodysuit is so cute, shame its not the best quality- i find boohoo quite hit or miss! but those socks are to die for, the cutest!


  5. It looks like you got some really great bits during January! I have brought a few bits mostly loungewear because it doesn’t look like we’ll be going out this year! X


  6. These look like some gorgeous pieces, although it’s a shame some of them didn’t work out. That black floral boohoo dress looks lovely – I would have definitely been tempted too.


  7. The boohoo black dress looked actually very nice on you. And you also knew how to up the game with the belt which went really well with it. That was actually quite smart of you. Way to go. Keep us posted for more
    And thanks for sharing x

    Isa A. Blogger


  8. OMG that dress from Bohoo is so darn cute! I never really shop online, so I’ve barely picked up any new clothes all year (which I guess is good for my bank account haha)

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com


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