Films to watch this Valentines day!

Hi everyone! Happy Valentines day to you lovely lot. What are your plans for the day? Personally I’m not doing a lot, I think we’re just going to have a nice chilled day at home, as there’s not much else we’re allowed to do at the moment! I expect we’ll get a takeaway and watch a film, which brings me onto today’s post.

If you have similar plans to me today, this might help you out. I’m sharing some of my favourite lovey dovey rom com type films! Now I’m not one for really serious films, I just can’t be bothered with them. I love a romantic comedy, I feel like they’re the perfect mix of humour and romance. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

10 things I hate about you

This is a classic film that I feel like absolutely everybody has seen at least once in their lives. It follows the bittersweet romance between the two characters, and definitely has some tear-jerking moments!

10 things I hate about you
Photo source: Wikipedia

13 going on 30

Again, an absolute classic. I watch this on the regular as it’s one of my favourite comfort films. I just love the whole idea of the story and I love the outcome of it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a girl who wishes she was 30. Her wish comes true and she ends up seeing how her life will turn out if she follows a certain route. She ends up falling for her childhood best friend, and eventually gets back to 13 and creates a different path for her life.

13 going on 30
Photo source: Wikipedia

It’s a boy girl thing

This is essentially Freaky Friday, but instead of mother and daughter, a guy and girl get swapped and of course end up falling in love! Even if they are complete opposites of each other. It’s a really good film and I used to love it as a teenager.

it's a boy girl thing
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Just go with it

As I mentioned in a Netflix favourites post, I absolutely love this film. It’s a little bit far fetched – creating a whole fake family just to keep dating a girl, but nevertheless it’s a great feel-good film! It’s not too serious, and of course they end up together for real in the end.

Just go with it
Photo source: Wikipedia

50 first dates

Another Adam Sandler classic, this film is such a cute one! The woman, played by Drew Barrymore, has memory loss, where she forgets the previous day as soon as she goes to sleep, meaning she lives the same day over and over again. She forgets meeting Adam’s character, so the story focuses on different ways he comes into contact with her every day and in the end, he comes up with a solution of how they can live their lives together.

50 first dates
Photo source: Wikipedia

Couples Retreat

This is another film I used to watch all the time in my teenage years. It follows 4 couples as they go away to an island where they have to take part in various couple’s activities, and the ins and outs and struggles of each relationship starts to show.

couples retreat
Photo source: Wikipedia

The Bounty Hunter

This is a fairly recent favourite of mine, but I really really love this film. It’s about a bounty hunter who’s bounty is his ex-wife. In the process of capturing her, there are a lot of ups and downs and storylines along the way. But guess what happens in the end? Spoiler alert – of course they fall back in love!

the bounty hunter
Photo source: Wikipedia

How to be Single

This is one for you singletons out there! I absolutely love this film, it’s such a fun story, focusing on the challenges of being single and getting in and out of relationships. It follows 4 different woman’s lives as they tackle the dating world. It’s pretty funny as well, so an all rounder really! I watch it all the time as it’s a really uplifting film showing you don’t need to be in a relationship in order to be happy.

how to be single
Photo source: Wikipedia

What are your favourite films to watch around Valentines day, and have you seen any of mine?

Until next time.


11 thoughts on “Films to watch this Valentines day!

Add yours

  1. This is the best post for V Day – I’m just trying to decide which film to watch today xx I loved Just Go With It and Couples Retreat! I really like the sound of How To Be Single – might watch that 🙂 xx


  2. A lot of great movies here, and a few I haven’t seen yet. I absolutely love 10 Things I Hate About You, so I’m glad to see it made your list. I should rewatch it tonight. I will have to watch some of the ones I haven’t seen before soon to see how I like them.


  3. How to be single might actually be my favourite ever film! It is just so good and I love the characters so much, I have watched it so often that I think of them as friends!

    13 going on 30 is one I am going to share with my daughters very soon, I think they will love it!


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