I started a business! Introducing The Flame Game Candle Company! (ad)

This post features my own products.

Hello everyone! As you may have seen on my socials, I have recently started a candle company! And it’s actually launched already on Etsy. Today I wanted to share it with you all and give you a little bit of information on each product, incase anyone is interested in picking one up!

The process

It was such a random idea to start a business – I’d never done anything like this before and it was such a big step. I was just sat one day during the January lockdown watching tv, and my mind started wandering and I started thinking about how cool it would be to have my own business. I love candles, and I’m always buying them so I thought why not start a candle company!

The process was actually quite straightforward, as I knew exactly how I wanted the candles to look and what sort of theme I wanted to go for. I knew straight off I wanted matte black jars with black boxes, as I think it makes them look so sleek and professional. It also means they’ll go with everyone’s home decor. I also came across black dust covers, which also have all the safety information on which is very important. Again I think it gives a more professional feel to it. The most difficult part of the whole process was deciding on a wax to use, as after testing out a couple I found some are so much better and easier to work with than others.

I ordered quite a few scents but eventually decided on 5 for the candles, which I think are quite a nice range of different scents so there’ll be something for everyone. I love sweet, sickly scents, so I had to include one of those, but I know that’s not to everyone’s tastes so I went for a mix.

I then decided on the label design, as I wanted something very simple and not too busy. I decided on a very pale pinky nude shade with ‘The Flame Game’ on it, with the scent name at the bottom and a small image that represents the scent. I love these labels and I think they add to the sleek look of the candles.

While I was making the candles, I decided to experiment with wax melts as a little extra thing to add to the collection. These came out really well so for some of the candles you will find corresponding wax melts!

Onto the Scents

Toasted Marshmallow

The first scent I decided on was Toasted Marshmallow. As I said, I love sweet scents so to me this is absolutely perfect! It’s a lovely caramelised sugar scent and it’s pretty strong. I went for pink wax for this one, because obviously marshmallows are normally pink and white, and when I smelt this I automatically thought of pink.

Toasted marshmallow candle

The wax melts for this scent I had a lot of fun with! I went for pink & white hearts as I thought these looked really cute. I then came across these piggy moulds so of course I had to do marshmallow pigs! I think these are the sweetest little things ever.

Toasted marshmallow hearts
Toasted marshmallow pigs

Cotton Dreams

The next scent I decided on is called Cotton Dreams. I feel like this is a pretty popular candle scent, as a lot of people love the smell of clean washing, and I also really love this scent. I went for white wax for this one for obvious reasons, and it makes it look really crisp just like fresh washing. The corresponding wax melts are crisp white hearts.

Cotton dreams candle
Cotton dreams hearts

Harbour Mist

I really wanted a bathroom-type scent in the collection, and I think this scent fits perfectly for this. You can of course put this in any room, but it has that typically oceany scent that works really well for a bathroom. The official scent description for this is “An ozonic, marine floral fragrance with gardenia and lavender notes, complemented by green lily notes” I went with a light blue wax for this which goes really well. The corresponding wax melts are really cute sea shells!

Harbour mist candle
Harbour mist shells


This one is a pretty masculine scent – kind of aftershavey but not too intense. I really like these types of scents so I definitely wanted to include one in the collection. This is a rich, intoxicating woody fragrance that commences with sweet citrus top notes of orange, bergamot and hints of fresh pear. It’s quite a masculine scent, but at the same time it’s still sweet and girly.

Midnight candle

Oriental Spice

Again, this is quite an aftershavey scent but it’s not quite as intense as Midnight. It’s a very warm scent, with notes of amber, orange, vanilla and cedarwood. I went with cream wax for this one as I think it matches the scent really nicely.

Oriental spice candle

Wax melts

I decided to make some wax melts in a couple of scents that aren’t in candle form, mostly because I really like the scents but didn’t want to have too many candles in the collection to start with.

Smokey Fireworks

This is one of my favourite scents in the whole collection, and it is pretty strong and intense. This is a smouldering fragrance of smoky embers and lighted fragrant woods, with notes of gunpowder and bergamot. It’s a very warm scent, so again I’ve gone with a cream wax to match.

Smokey fireworks melts

Coconut milk and honey

I love the smell of coconut, so I wanted to include a coconut wax melt in the collection. This one is a sweet combination of fruity notes with fresh pineapple, banana, almond and sweet orange with a powdery, floral background of coconuts and vanilla. They are a very light creamy – yellow colour, very much like a pina colada!

Coconut milk and honey melts

And there we have it! The first collection of scents for my new business. If you’d like to get your hands on anything, head over to my Etsy page! I’d really appreciate the support.

Until next time.


30 thoughts on “I started a business! Introducing The Flame Game Candle Company! (ad)

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  1. Congratulations on launching!! The cotton and harbour mist sounds great!! I really like the design on the labels and the black holders, they look very elegant x


  2. Firstly congratulations!! Starting a business can be really daunting but so so worth while.

    The candles look great, I love the black jars. I have a bit of a wax melt obsession to be honest, once I start running a little low, I will definitely be trying the firework and mashmallow scents out.

    I think if I buy more melts now, my fiance might move out ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I wish you every success x x x


  3. Wow! How amazing that youโ€™ve started up a business! What an achievement, the candles look lovely and the scents sound like such wonderful smells! Will definitely check out your Etsy store at some point. Love a good candle ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Huge congratulations on your new business! I adore candles, you can never have too many I think, so I have already been onto Etsy to check out your store and favourite a couple. Just need to wait for payday! I love the fact they are vegan too. This is such a big and bold step to become an entrepreneur. Well done.


  5. Congratulations on launching your new business! The candles & wax melts look lovely & I’m especially intrigued by the toasted marshmallow scent as I love sweet scents!


  6. Congratulations Ellie, this is so exciting! I already placed an order cause I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to have pig shaped wax melts!!


  7. So many congratulations on your new business! I think it’s wonderful that you have done this and shared a little about the process you went through to get to your launch. The candles sound amazing — I really like the harbour mist one as I miss living by the sea!


  8. CONGRATULATIONS! Starting a business is amazing! I love the sleek look of these and they sound absolutely delicious! Definitely going to be checking them out!


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