Barista Box review (ad)

These items were kindly gifted in exchange for review, however all opinions remain my own.

Hi everyone! As I’m sure you all know by now, I absolutely LOVE coffee, and trying out new varieties! So when Barista Box reached out and asked if I wanted to try some of their freshly-ground coffee, I jumped at the chance. I have a cafetiere so I was sent the relevant grind, but there is also a filter grind and beans available to suit your chosen coffee preferences.

How it works

Barista Box have 2 different South American coffees to choose from, or if you can’t choose you can opt for their taster box to try them out first. You can then opt for the subscription service where you can get your chosen coffee sent to you each month, or a one-off bag if you aren’t ready to subscribe. The coffee is freshly ground 2-4 days before being sent out, ensuring it’s extra fresh. When the package arrives you will notice the smell of freshly ground coffee straight away!

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About the coffee

Libertine Coffee

The first coffee I tried out from Barista Box was the Libertine coffee. This coffee comprises of Brazilian Arabica beans, which give a rich, smooth, sophisticated flavour, as well as Ugandan Robusta beans which add a roguish temperament with a touch of bitterness and a caffeine kick. This particular blend of coffee beans is then slow roasted in Naples and needs 3 days to rest before it is ready to be used.

This definitely is an indulgent coffee blend, and every sip had such a rich flavour.

Blend & Brew Coffee

The seconds coffee available is the Blend & Brew coffee. This coffee blends Brazilian, Peruvian and Costa Rican arabica coffee beans to deliver a complex and delightful flavour.

This again has a really lovely flavour, and is prefect for that morning coffee to set you up for a good day!

Home Barista Guide

One thing I love about Barista Box is on their website they have a section all about making coffees at home. They have put together step-by-step guides for making a range of coffees to suit everyone, and they can all be done from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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My thoughts

I really love the concept of Barista Box. The fact you can get fresh coffee straight to your door every month, or as a one-off, is brilliant, as when you run out of your favourite coffee, you know there will be a replacement through your door soon! I love the range of boxes on the website as well, they really do have something for everyone including coffee newbies with their Barista Box, which includes everything you need to make the perfect coffee!

Until next time.


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