Creating the perfect cosy night in with By Candlelight (AD)

This post is in collaboration with By candlelight. It contains gifted items, however all opinions remain my own.

Over the past year, I feel like we have all been getting used to having nights in instead of going out, and being in our home a lot more. Let’s face it – I think we have all been forced into perfecting our cosy nights in at this point.

But in case you haven’t managed to do that yet, this post is a must-have for you! I’ve partnered up with By candlelight, who have helped me put together the ultimate cosy night in. Today I’m sharing with you everything I like to do to give myself that ultimate comfort feeling.

Candle-lit bubble bath

I like to start my evening with a very bubbly, candle-lit bath. I love using bath bombs in the bath, as well as bath salts to make it feel even more luxurious. A face mask is always a bath time essential for me, and sometimes I’ll pop in a hair mask too. I always light a candle and shut out the lights, which helps me to completely relax. If I’m feeling extra lazy, towards the end of my bath I’ll order a takeaway, then I’ll pop downstairs to pour myself a nice big glass of wine.

Getting into bed with a film

After dinner, there’s no better feeling than getting into bed and sticking on your favourite film! I love to go for a classic chick flick from my teen years – something like Wild Child or Clueless. I’ll make sure I have all the yummy snacks, and of course some more wine! Games are always a good choice too if you have company. Creating a cosy atmosphere is essential for me, and candles and wax melts are a big part of this. I like to use my By candlelight lighter to light all the candles and make my home feel and smell amazing.

The By candlelight lighter collection

‘By candlelight’ and ‘lumière’ are a new range of stylish candle lighters, designed to look great in anyone’s home and light up every moment. They have amazing safety standards and come in 6 metallic colours, so there is one to suit every home! One thing I love about this lighter is the fact the switch is far away from the flame. I’m not a fan of flames near to my fingers, so this is perfect for me.

They are available online and in store at Tesco, Ocado, Wilko, Morrisons and Waitrose, and are a really great price.

If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful lighter collection, make sure you check out their facebook and instagram @Lumierebycandlelight.

We all need to take time to just chill sometimes, and I hope this post has given you inspiration. Thank you so much to By candlelight for helping me create the ultimate cosy night in!

Until next time


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  1. Your cozy night set up looks perfect! I need a nice relaxing candle lit bath soon because it’s been such a busy week! Great post 🙂 I definitely need to make time to do this this weekend x


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