5 recent swaps I’ve made to become more sustainable (ad)

This post contains gifted items, however all opinions remain my own.

Hi everyone! As you may have seen by previous posts, I’m on a mission to create a more sustainable life. I’ve been starting with little things, which you can read about in this post. I also tried out some toothtabs, and you can read all about them here

I’ve found by starting out making small changes to everyday things it makes it so much less overwhelming and I’m more likely to keep the changes, rather than reverting back to old ways. I’ve started to make more and more changes around the house and daily life, so today I thought I’d share with you 5 household essentials you can switch up to make them more sustainable.

1- Cotton Buds

One thing I’ve recently switched up is cotton buds. I use these all the time for a wide range of uses, and the majority I’ve found are made from plastic, which are one of the most commonly found items on beaches and in waterways. This is one of the easiest switches you can make with a huge impact. These bamboo cotton buds make for a great alternative, as they will decompose over time and are much less wasteful. These are made from sustainable bamboo and natural cotton, and are 100% biodegradable.

2 – Cleaning Cloths

One household item I find I go through a lot are cleaning cloths and sponges. Alot of the time I find I use sponges and cloths a few times and then they go in the bin. I’ve discovered these compostable sponge cloths which are honestly a game changer! They’re such great quality and last for ages – and then once they’re at the end of their life you can put them in the food waste bin. They are made from 70% plant cellulose and 30% cotton, so will fully decompose. They are also machine washable up to 60 degrees.

3 – Packing Peanuts

One thing I’ve thought about while setting up my own business (read all about it here) is the amount of potential waste that’s involved. I made the decision early to use eco-friendly packing where possible – including using biodegradable packing peanuts. I get mine from amazon, but there are many online suppliers that you can get them from. All you do is run them under the tap and they will break down. They’re also a really good price compared to throw away ones which is always a plus when thinking of business expenses.

4 – Reusable Cotton Pads

I’ve touched on these before in previous posts but I really wanted to share these new ones I’ve been using. They’re these black brushed cotton pads and honestly they’re the softest ones I’ve ever tried! They’re incredibly gentle on the skin and I really love that because they’re black they hide any makeup stains that can be hard to get out of white ones. They’re 100% cotton so are fully biodegradable.

5 – Menstrual Cups

I’ve recently been toying with the idea of using reusable menstrual products. I’ve been trying out a menstrual cup for a little while now and so far it seems to be working well for me. I’m not quite brave enough to use it while I’m at work, but on weekends or over the holidays I’ve found it’s not too uncomfortable and it’s a great way of cutting down on waste.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

I’ve been finding it easier to find eco-friendly alternatives in our regular shops these days, however there are some online shops that have everything you need in one place. I’ve recently discovered a brand called Green Pear Eco, who very kindly sent me a few items to try out. They sell so many everyday household items – mostly things you’d chuck out after a few uses, giving you a more eco-friendly choice. Founded by Dan and Gabs, Green Pear Eco are on a mission to create products that are as close to low waste as possible or at the very least, 100% recyclable/plastic-free. For every order over Ā£10 a tree is planted to help rebuild our forests.

Are there any swaps you’ve been making that you think I should try? Be sure to comment and let me know!

Until next time.


13 thoughts on “5 recent swaps I’ve made to become more sustainable (ad)

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  1. I love these swaps! These says you can find an eco friendly swap for almost everything which just makes swapping so much easier! šŸ˜Š


  2. I used reusable pads when I just had my baby. I was going through so many maternity pads as I had to change them each time I used the toilet to prevent infection as I had stitches so it was a great way to save using disposable ones! Same with nipple pads to stop leaking. I guess mine are kind of gross haha! I need to look into those cotton buds.

    Corinne x


  3. These are all great swaps! love that you used the packing peanuts, they were always great entertainment when we received deliveries at work! Also a menstrual cup was such a game-changer for me, thanks for sharing x


  4. This is brilliant Ellie, I am really trying to make changes now. So it is great to get more ideas.

    The packing peanuts, I loved finding that out for the first time. I blew my partners mind when I filled the sink and washed them away! It is such a great idea, especially perfect for your candle packaging x


  5. I use reusable cotton pads and love them! I also didn’t know they were called packing peanuts – what a cute name! I can’t imagine packing for small businesses can reaaaally amount up so choose to use sustainable packing is so important so well done! x


  6. Really helpful post! Sponges are something I think about every single time I wash up, they’re just awful for the environment. I keep intending to purchase new eco-friendly ones and your suggestion looks perfect x


  7. great post! I know that the disposable menstrual products contribute to a great deal of the world’s waste but not sure if I can stomach the thought of using the cloth ones. At least I’d have to figure out the best way to clean them but I suppose they’d be the same as baby cloth diapers.


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