Recent Camping Discoveries! (ad)

This post contains gifted items sent for review and inclusion in this post, however I am under no obligation to feature them unless I actually like them.

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, I’m sure a lot of us are thinking of going away over the summer. Going abroad is not on the cards for some of us this year – whether that’s funds, availability or not having access to the vaccine yet. The majority of us Brits this year I think will opt for staycations and stay local or travel up and down the country to the typical UK holiday destinations – think Cornwall, Norfolk etc.

Personally I would love to go abroad, but that’s not really an option yet for this year. We do, however, own a campervan, and I am very excited to start travelling around the country in it! I have a few places in mind at the moment, it’s just whether there’s spaces available. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of a few of my recent discoveries that will make camping life that little bit easier, and that will 100% be coming with me in the van this year!

Anti-bug pyjamas

I was recently sent these anti-bug pyjamas by the brand We Drifters to try out and so far, I’m very impressed. Even without going abroad, biting and annoying insects is a big thing during the summer months. This set is a game changer for anyone planning on camping this year, particularly in tents where you’re more out in the open. These are made from super soft bamboo which is infused with a revolutionary insect protection that is OEKO-TEX approved. This makes the set 90% effective against many biting insects, including mosquitos, ticks and bed bugs – as well as those annoying gnats! The treatment is completely invisible, and odourless with no unpleasant feel.

I really love the fit of these. They are unisex sizing and a lovely gender neutral grey colour. They’re a lovely lightweight fabric which feels incredibly soft, and they have some amazing features to make sure you’re completely covered. The set includes anti-insect top, trousers, socks and a 2-in-1 bag and pillow case. The trousers have stirrups and the top has thumb holes to stop the legs and arms rolling up, and you can attach the top and trousers together to form a onesie which I think is an amazing feature. There’s nothing worse than your top riding up during the night! I’ve actually worn these out in the garden and I’ve noticed those annoying gnats have kept away, so these are definitely coming with me on my next trip.

We Drifters have partnered with work for good to donate £2 from every sale to Malaria No More.

Body Wipes

Something that caught my eye recently are these body-sized wipes, aka Swetwipes! I was kindly sent some to try out and they are an absolute gamechanger. There’s nothing worse than getting to your campsite and the shower block is grim. Especially during the current C*vid climate, there can be a lot of anxiety with using the shower blocks at campsites, and these wipes completely eliminate that. Also you never know when the showers are going to be out of use. These wipes are huge and full of moisture, so will cover a whole body with one use. They are antibacterial which will help to remove body odour and clean your body, and they are plastic free and biodegradable which is amazing!

I think these wipes are fantastic and are definitely worth getting to have on a trip just incase.

Good quality plates and bowls

For obvious reasons, no-one takes their finest china on camping trips. But I’ve found in the past a lot of the cheaper plastic sets of plates and bowls have been terrible quality and just don’t last very long. I came across these sets from OLPRO and they very kindly sent me some to test out. The designs on these are absolutely gorgeous, featuring all sorts of camping related images such as badgers, trees and tents. These sets are made from Melamine and feel really durable which is always a plus! Especially if you have little ones or you accidently leave a cupboard door open on your travels (it happens)! These are great to use on site or take for picnics, and they are also dishwasher safe so you can give them a good clean when you get home. However don’t go putting these in the microwave!

What are some of your camping essentials? Be sure to let me know!

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