A Summer clothing haul – Shein, Primark & New Look

Hi everyone! The summery weather has FINALLY decided to join us – although as I’m writing this it’s pouring down outside. Over the last few weeks we’ve had some gorgeous sunshine here in the South West, so I’ve been on the hunt for some new summery clothing bits to wear now that we’re allowed to go out and enjoy the sunshine. If you missed my last haul post, you can see it here. This time I’ve got a few bits from Shein, Primark and New Look. If you’re remotely interested in seeing what I bought, keep reading!


Shein had so many lovely tops on their site, so I picked up 4. They all fall into the category of ‘jeans and a nice top’ for me, which is something I’m always looking for! The first one is this lovely pink Dalmation type print top. This one is surprisingly a little bit loose on the top so I’ve had to put a small stitch in it, but it’s a lovely top nonetheless. A similar style of top is this blue and white flowery top. Like the previous one, this is also a little bit gaping so I’ve put a white cami under it. I really like the style of these tops as they have the elastic that sits on the waist which gives a bit more shape.

Next up is this lovely lacy white top. This is more of a blouse material t-shirt style, and I really love the lace design on it. It’s a really good quality material too and is double layered so it’s not see-through at thew front. Lastly from Shein I got this really cute strappy top. I love the tiny floral print of this as well as the bow detail.


I managed to get a couple of summery bits in Primark, including this rust orange coloured maxi skirt. I really love this skirt as it fits really nicely, and I even got it in the size down. I find maxi skirts so easy to wear as I’m not really a fan of having my legs out in the summer.

I absolutely love this dress in this khaki green colour. It’s a really lovely length – coming just below my knee – and it has a slit up one side which gives it a bit more movement and shape. I definitely could have gone a size down in this as it’s pretty big, but once the elastic has been pulled in around the middle it’s not too bad. This is such a comfortable dress for summer as it’s nice and airy, and it’s a lovely material.

While I was in Primark I had a little look around their accessories section. To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the selection of jewellery in my local shop. There was only a tiny stand and most of it was either half missing or garish and not my style at all. I did however manage to find these lovely earrings which are definitely up my street. I am lacking in the earring department, as most of the ones I own are the tassel style that were popular a few years ago. These are really pretty dangly flowery ones which I really love and I think would look really lovely during the summer months.

I know I don’t need any more sunglasses, as I currently have around 10 pairs, but these screamed out to me and to be honest, I haven’t got any bit ones like these anymore. I love the style of these and they go with so many different outfits. Another thing I don’t need any more of are shoes, but I really loved the look of these sandals and again, thought these would be great for the summer.

New Look

Lastly from New Look I got this blue top which I love. It’s perfect to wear with jeans when you don’t want anything tight fitting. This is a tiny bit on the big side around the floaty part, but I don’t think I could get away with getting a smaller size on the tighter bit around my back.

Have you been buying any new summer pieces recently?

Until next time.


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