Candles and wax melts for Fairytale lovers (ad)

*This post is an advertisement of my own company.

Hi everyone! As you may have seen, a few months ago I started my own little candle business and set up an etsy shop, which you can read about here. So far it’s been going pretty well, and I recently released a little fairytale inspired collection. I thought today I’d tell you a little bit about each item in the collection in case anyone is interested in knowing more about them.

I’ve stuck with the matte black jar for these candles, with simple black labels to give an extra sleek finish. I wanted this collection to be a ‘grown up’ collection. I see a lot of Disney/fairytale themed candles that are very colourful and garish, which always look beautiful, but I wanted to create something for all the adults that want a little magic. All ingredients used are vegan friendly, and all glitter used is biodegradable. We also have free UK shipping, with only 1-2 days turnaround for dispatch! Now onto a little bit about each one…..

Tale as Old as Time

Being a huge lover of Beauty and the Beast, how could I not include a Belle inspired candle? This one is enchanted rose scented of course, and is beautifully topped with dried rose petals. This one has to be my favourite out of the collection, as has proven to be our most popular so far.


Not quite a classic fairytale like the others, this one is based on the modern Disney story of Moana. This one is a beautiful scent of coconut milk and honey, which is one of our best selling melt scents. It’s topped with turquoise biodegradable glitter and mini seashells and is a really pretty candle.

Poison Apple

Based on Snow White, I’ve gone with pure white wax for this candle. It’s a very plain and simple design, and is scented with spiced apple pie fragrance which is absolutely delicious. In the same apple pie scent as the candle there is a set of 3 melts in this poison apple design. These look just like the apple in the film when the Queen poisons it, and would be a perfect stocking filler for any Disney fan.

Once Upon a Dream

As you can probably guess, this one is inspired by Sleeping Beauty. I went with a gorgeous, relaxing scent of lavender, lemon and rosemary for this, and I thought lilac wax would suit this scent well. I’ve topped the candle with blue and pink biodegradable glitter to represent the colour changing dress in the film.

Again, the same scent as the candle, these are lilac cloud shaped melts with blue and pink glitter, again to represent the colour changing dress. These are perfect to help you unwind in the evenings and much safer than the candle to use to fall asleep faster.


The last candle in the fairytale collection is Rumpelstiltskin. I’ve had a recent obsession with the TV series Once Upon A Time, so I’ve based this candle on the character Rumpel/Mr Gold. This candle is exactly what I expect Mr Gold to smell like – it’s a beautiful masculine scent of woodsmoke and leather, and is topped with both gold biodegradable glitter and gold rhinestones which I think looks a bit like his skin as Rumpel.

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

With notes of pear, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry, these snap bars are a beautiful uplifting scent. Choose from gold, pink or blue biodegradable glitter for a magic touch.

Enchanted forest Mickey

Lastly I decided to add these into the collection after the launch. These are Mickey Mouse shaped wax melts in a gorgeous enchanted forest scent, describes as “A rich and intriguing woody fragrance with notes of patchouli and vetiver, warm spices and sweet vanilla resins.”

I hope you enjoyed this little post! What do you think of the fairytale collection so far? Thank you for taking the time to read about my little biz – I really do appreciate it!

Until next time


11 thoughts on “Candles and wax melts for Fairytale lovers (ad)

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  1. These are amazing! I love the ideas for each of them. I’m currently watching once upon a time too!


  2. I love this collection idea! I’m going to buy one as a present for myself when I move into my uni house in September (just deciding this now aha). Either the Beauty and the beast one, as it’s my favourite film, or the Moana one because it sounds so good. I also love the cloud wax melts x


  3. These look amazing and I’m loving the idea behind the collection.

    Might have to make a cheeky purchase for Valentine’s Day. For myself 😁


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