Testing AlTERNA Haircare – My Hair. My Canvas (ad)

This post contains items gifted for review, however all opinions remain my own.

I feel like it’s been quite a while since I featured some hair-related content, so today I thought I’d bring you a haircare product review! I was recently sent across a few products from ALTERNA Haircare to try out, and I fell absolutely in love with them, so I just had to share them with you!

A bit about the My Hair, My Canvas range:

ALTERNA believes that hair care is a form of self care. Millennials act as though self care is a treat, and tend to take time out once or twice a week to perform a selfcare routine. However selfcare should be made time for in your everyday routine, however busy it can get. Building upon the belief that haircare is self-care, the My Hair. My Canvas range is a new versatile and playful haircare range that has been created to empower the millennial woman to define beauty on her own terms. It aims to help promote and empower self-care and self-expression.

Supplied in sustainable packaging, this collection is 100% vegan and is formulated without harsh chemicals, and has a range of beneficial ingredients.

  • Botanical Caviar: This ancient Asian super-food is known to help improve moisture retention and smooth the cuticle to add bounce, shine and strength. Their Botanical Caviar Caulerpa Lentillifera is sustainably manufactured in a way that is economical, has a low impact on the environment and a low CO 2 emission. One thing to note about this is their suppliers work directly with a farm in Bohol, Philippines on a win-win partnership. Their collaboration is based on fair practices and fair prices, healthy and safe work environments for the harvesters, the preservation of the environment, respect and rehabilitation of the protected mangroves, the prohibition of child and forced labour, and helps support a poor rural zone on the island of Bohol.
  • Water Lily Extract: This floral extract helps boost gloss and restore resilience to hair that is stressed from over-processing or environmental exposure.
  • Bamboo Extract: This mineral-rich extract is known for giving hair a softer texture, restoring elasticity and suppleness, and helping to remove hard water residue that can make hair feel brittle.
  • Coconut Sugar Blend: The molecular structure of this simple sugar is well known for creating a high-luster, non-drying bond with hair to provide texture, definition and control.
  • Lemon Peel Extract: A clarifying agent commonly used to rid hair of impurities, this citrus extract is rich in antioxidants to help neutralize damaging free-radicals and alpha-hydroxy acid to lift away surface dirt and pollution.
  • White Charcoal: This is known for providing superior absorption of excess oils, toxins and irritants to instantly purify and balance.
  • Perlite: A naturally absorbent mineral known to help reduce surface toxins and excess oil while gently exfoliating to help to remove dirt and rejuvenate hair.
  • Prickly Pear Oil: This is traditionally used to help restore and protect hair by locking in moisture, smoothing cuticle damage and reducing the impact of oxidative stress.

My Thoughts

I’ve been trying out a range of these products for the past couple of weeks, and I must admit my hair feels absolutely gorgeous. They all smell beautiful – very botanical – and they lather up really well. My hair can be very flat, and I found after using the bodifying range my hair felt so much thicker which I love. I really loved using the exfoliating cleanser and my hair felt squeaky clean afterwards. It has a lovely citrus scent to it and again, it lathers up really nicely. I honestly felt like I had been to a salon after using these products, and I am really really impressed with them. My hair feels in such great condition and I’d 100% recommend trying some bits out if you’re on the hunt for some new hair products. These are some of the most beautiful haircare products I’ve used in a long time.

These products are available from Feel Unique. Make sure to check out Alterna’s instagram @alternaeurope.

Until next time.


9 thoughts on “Testing AlTERNA Haircare – My Hair. My Canvas (ad)

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  1. I’m having to look for new shampoo/hair care products because the one I’m using (which used to be great — maybe they changed the formula) is just leaving my hair flat and greasy — which is crazy because my hair is big and dry so for it to do that means something is really not working/wrong. This brand sounds interesting — I’ll have to check them out!


  2. The exfoliating cleanser sounds lovely, I’m a sucker for scents just like that especially in the morning!


  3. I love the sound of the exfoliating cleanser, it’s exactly the kinda scent I like in my products! Helps wake you up in the morning too x


  4. Totally agree that self care needs to be included in your every day routines! This brand sounds fab – I love the sound of the scents. I’ve been really into hair care at the moment! x


  5. These all sound like amazing products and ones I’d like to try! Thanks for sharing.


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