Monthly Favourites – August 2021

This post contains a sponsored section and a couple of items have been previously gifted.

How on earth is it the end of August already? I feel like this month has just flown by – along with the rest of the year! Monthly favourites posts used to be a regular thing on this blog, however I found over the past year or so I just seem to have forgotten all about them. I’m bringing them back today, starting with August. I won’t be doing these every single month, as I just don’t discover new favourite things that often, but I will be posting my favourites somewhat regularly. I also post a lot of new discoveries over on my instagram so make sure you’re following me over there!

Without further ado, here are my favourites for the month of August:


I thought I’d start off with a few of my beauty favourites. As this blog actually started out as a beauty blog, I still really enjoy trying out new beauty products and doing little reviews. I discovered a hair care brand called Alterna which I wrote about here, and I loved their products so much I just HAD to include them in this post. Using these products has honestly done wonders for my hair over the past month and I’ve really been enjoying using them.

Another brand I discovered this month is Earthy Nail Polish, who are a vegan nail polish brand based in the UK. I was very kindly sent a few shades to try out and I really love them. My favourite is this gorgeous nude shade called Pearls of Wisdom, and they do so many other gorgeous shades.


An outfit I’ve been living in this month is this green maxi dress, which I’ve been wearing non-stop. It’s so comfy to wear around the house, and you can also dress it up to go out in for any occasion. I pair it with some some sandals or some heeled sandals if I want to dress it up.

TV & Netflix

I will admit, I don’t actually watch many new things on TV. Most of the things I watch are reruns of Friends or The Big Bang Theory – something I don’t have to concentrate on and I can potter about while it’s on. I have, however, just re-watched the series YOU on Netflix. I loved watching this the first time round, but it’s been a while since the first season so I decided to watch it again, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

A Lord of the Rings Podcast

I have been obsessed with a particular podcast not just in August, but for a few months now. It is a Lord of the Rings podcast called the Council of Elrond, and it’s run by 2 Irish lads Johnny and Dave aka The Mellon Heads. It is honestly brilliant to listen to, and they do a really good job at explaining things you might not know if you haven’t looked into LOTR in too much depth. They cover so many topics, including the origins of certain characters, behind the scenes of the creation of the films, and they discuss differences between the films and books (which is good for people like me who haven’t actually read them – oops). If you’re even remotely interested in LOTR, I suggest you give it them a listen.

Bloggers of the month

This last section covers bloggers that I think you should definitely check out.

The first is Morag, who runs Life of Morag. Her blog features so many topics, including mental health, anxiety and travel. A few of my favourite posts include ‘being single doesn’t make you alone, and being alone doesn’t make you lonely‘ and ‘Mental health coping strategies‘.

If you’re a big Christmas lover like me, you’ll absolutely love this new Christmas blog called Your Perfect Christmas, run by the lovely Corinne. This blog talks about all things Christmas, including gift ideas, crosswords, quizzes and decor ideas – but the best part is, it’s all year round! Head over and give her a follow!

Read more about my favourite bloggers this month here.

Until next time.


6 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites – August 2021

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  1. That dress is gorgeous on you and I love the nail polish. I hardly ever wear polish over the summer but come autumn, I’m all over it!

    I’m going to tell my partner about the podcast, he is LOTR obsessed!

    Here’s to lots of lovely things to share in September x


  2. We are looking for something new to watch, so I will check this out! Love the dress & thank you for the other suggestions. I will have a look at those. Maybe add to a Christmas gift list 🙂


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