Reflecting on my 2021 blogging goals – what I’ve achieved so far

It’s now coming to the end of August, and I thought it was about time I checked in on this year’s blogging goals. I had meant to do this back in June, however time just seemed to have gotten away from me and I never got round to it. To be honest, I haven’t actually looked at the goals since I made them, so I thought today I’d have a little read through and see how well I’ve done so far:


  • Twitter 4000 – Currently 3060 so nowhere near!
  • Instagram 2500 – Currently 1779 so again, I definitely won’t reach that goal.
  • WordPress 1000 – Currently 854, so I think it could be achievable.
  • DA 15 – After my DA went right back down to 1, I feel like 15 could be quite a stretch. I’ve managed to get it back up to 10 so far, so maybe by the end of the year I could do it?

I think I was a little ambitious when I set some of these goals! I’m nowhere near reaching them.

Working with brands

I’ve been really lucky to work with a few brands so far this year, although most of them were on a gifting basis. I’d still really love to get a regular income from sponsored posts this year. I’ve actually just got an exciting email about a Christmas collaboration with a great charity so look out for that in the coming months!

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Blogger advertising

As my DA is now 10, I started offering blogger advertising. August was the first month doing this and I had 3 lovely bloggers sign up, which is amazing! You can meet them here and find out all about what I offer here.


I said this year I wanted to take some time to really work on my photography, especially with instagram. I’ve been trying to up my photography skills and become more confident being the subject of the photo, but I definitely need to work on this more. I have been going through older posts and update all the photos because lets face it, my product photos weren’t too good back in the day.

I think it’s safe to say I won’t be reaching many of my follower goals this year. I don’t like to focus too much on the numbers, because I know it doesn’t mean everything, but it’s a lot more easier to get your content out there when you have a larger following behind you! If you would like to help me reach my goals by giving me a follow, I’ve linked my social media accounts above!

Until next time.


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