Choosing the perfect autumnal candle with The Flame Game Candle Company (ad)

*This is a promotional post for my own company.

It’s September! And finally pumpkin spiced season. It’s time to crack out the autumn candles and live your best cosy lives! If you didn’t know, about 6 months ago I started my own little business and started making candles and wax melts (which you can read all about here). I was going to include this post as part of blogtober, but I thought by the time it’s out the season will be nearly over and we’ll be onto Christmas!

I recently launched my first autumnal collection, which I wanted to share with you today. I have to say, Autumn is my favourite time of year. There’s something so comforting about it, and it’s the perfect time to get the candles out and make your home the ultimate cosy space.

There are 3 Candles and 4 wax melt designs in the collection, which are all beautifully scented with autumnal scents. Each candle is available as a classic wick or as a double wooden wick, which creates a lovely crackling fire effect – perfect for autumn! Here’s the collection:

Trick or Treat?

The first scent I decided on is called Trick or Treat. It’s a beautiful rich salted toffee caramel scent, with vanilla and coconut. It’s a really strong, creamy, sweet fragrance. This is available in candle form, and has so far been the most popular scent, and also as a snap bar wax melt. This is a really thick bar, and as the scent is strong you only need a square at a time. It has really cute halloweeny motifs on it, like bats, witches, spiders and pumpkins.

Autumn Nights

The second scent I went for was Autumn Nights, which is again available in candle and wax melt form. This is scented with a mix of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel. This scent is a little more muted in solid form than the previous, but still quite a strong fragrance when melted. The wax melts for these are disk shaped, and feature indents of classic autumnal things like wellies, maple leaves and hot chocolate.

Pumpkin and chestnut wax melts

Little pumpkin shaped wax melts are a staple in an autumn collection, right? These cuties are scented with a pumpkin and chestnut fragrance oil, and have notes of orange and warming clove. These are in a pack of 2 and are a good size, so should last a little while.

Burning Broomstick

An autumn collection wouldn’t be complete without a smokey, bonfire scent. These types of scents are my favourite so I knew I had to include one. These are disk shaped and have motifs of a bonfire, toffee apples and pumpkins. The scent is described as “a warm, comforting woody amber fragrance with incense, soft precious woods, cedarwood, patchouli and crystal amber infused with hints of aromatic wood smoke” which I think sums it up perfectly!

Spiced Pumpkin

A last minute decision was to add a spiced pumpkin candle to the collection. I thought this scent might be a bit overdone in the candle world, but I haven’t actually seen many so far! It’s an essential really though isn’t it? I fell in love with the fragrance as soon as I smelt it so I just had to include it. The scent is just as you’d expect – pumpkin spice! A rich, creamy pumpkin spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove & ginger. This is the ultimate candle scent for this season!

And there you have it! The 2021 autumnal collection. I’d love it if you’d take a look at my little shop and see what I have to offer – there’s plenty of other scents and designs that would make lovely gifts too!

If you’re not looking to buy anything, why not share this post on twitter? You never know who might see it.

Until next time.


7 thoughts on “Choosing the perfect autumnal candle with The Flame Game Candle Company (ad)

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  1. I love the wax melts – they are the cutest! I have a massive bowl of wax melts currently so I shouldn’t buy any but I might just end up buying a candle haha x


  2. These candles & melts look amazing.

    I’m glad you shared this post now, as I’m on the lookout for some cosy autumn / Halloween fragrances to get into the full vibe of the season.

    Will check these out x


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