Welcome to Blogtober!

It’s October! My favourite month of the year – as it happens to be my birthday month! As you will have gathered by the title, I’m taking part in blogtober this year for the first time ever. This is my 7th year as a blogger and I’ve never gotten round to doing it, so I thought this year, with a LOT of planning, I’d finally bite the bullet!

I thought I’d start off with a simple post, letting you know the schedule of what’s to come. I’ve decided to keep this year’s blogtober very much Autumn and Halloween themed, so you can expect a lot of fun Halloween posts, Autumn activity posts and some make-up and fashion posts. I’ve also got a few guest posts coming up for the first time ever on this blog!

I’ll be linking each post as I go!

Here’s a little schedule of what you can expect this month:

Day 1 – Blogtober schedule

Day 2 – Bloggers to follow this month

Day 3 – This year’s autumnal bucket list

Day 4 – Dealing with the dreaded house spiders

Day 5 – An autumnal makeup look

Day 6 – What I like/dislike about autumn

Day 7 – 3 Autumnal outfits

Day 8 – A guest post from SophieEmilyBlogs, 8 Autumn bucket list destinations

Day 9 – Things to do in the South West when it’s raining

Day 10 – A delicious pumpkin spiced cookie recipe

Day 11 – A fun Christmas campaign from Cat’s Protection

Day 12 – Get to know the blogger – an autumnal Q&A

Day 13 – A guest post from Mummy Conquering Anxiety, talking us through some items she will be buying this year

Day 14 – Autumn/Halloween events in my area

Day 15 – Local ghost stories in my area

Day 16 – A guest post from CozyStylist, 30 minutes to a cosy fall home

Day 17 – My Sunday re-set routine

Day 18 – My Halloween playlist

Day 19 – Some autumnal quotes

Day 20 – A guest post from TheKellyDianeReport, 15 Autumn activities to support your mental health

Day 21 – My favourite Halloween films

Day 22 – Guest post from Read and Review it, Cosy books perfect for fall

Day 23 – Making Halloween party food

Day 24 – Last minute adult Halloween costumes

Day 25 – Making eyeball cake pops

Day 26 – How other cultures and countries celebrate Halloween

Day 27 – The blog planner you need in your life

Day 28 – My October favourites

Day 29 – How I celebrate Halloween

Day 30 – October beauty empties

Day 31 – Happy Halloween! My plans for the rest of the year

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

And that’s Blogtober! I hope you manage to find lots of Autumn inspo and get some ideas for Halloween this year. I can’t wait to get stuck into the season

Until next time.


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  1. You seem to have everything all planned out and if that isn’t just fab, then I don’t know what it is. I can’t wait to read the rest of your blogtober posts!


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