3 outfits perfect for Autumn

I will admit, Autumn fashion is my favourite. In the summer it’s too hot to wear too much, but I’m way to self conscious to not wear much so I end up a sweaty mess! Winter is horrible – you have to wear a coat because it’s so cold but by the time you’re out and about, you’re starting to get too hot and uncomfortable.

Autumn is definitely the time where I feel at my best. My favourite things to wear are black heeled boots and a leather jacket, which is just what you need for this weather. Here are a few outfits which I’ve been wearing so far this Autumn:

Outfit one

Kicking things off is a must for me – a black pinafore dress and a burgundy top, paired with black tights and boots. Chuck a jacket on and you’re good to go! This whole outfit is from New Look.

Outfit two

Sticking with the same colour theme, I’ve paired a black bodysuit with a burgundy faux leather skirt, again with tights and boots. This is a classic outfit for me and I own countless bodysuit/skirt combos. Both the bodysuit and skirt was from New Look, but a few years ago now.

Outfit three

Something a little different for me is this dress that I recently bought from Primark. I’m not normally a light dress and no/clear tights person but there was something about this dress that spoke to me. I’ve worn it a few times so far on days where there has still been a bit of sun. I’ve paired it with some tan chunky boots and a belt as even though it’s a size smaller, it’s still pretty bit. I also find it a bit shapeless without the belt and doesn’t do much for my body shape.

Until next time.


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