8 October Bucket List Destinations

*This is a guest post by Sophie at Sophieemilyblogs.com

Now that the summer months are coming to an end it is time to welcome Autumn with open arms. With hot drinks, crisp colourful leaves and Halloween there is so much to enjoy in these months. I am a huge fan of October, particularly Halloween and there are some places that seem so perfect to visit this time of year. I have compiled a travel bucket list for places I would love to visit in October, especially around Halloween. 

Universal Studios

I have visited Universal Studios previously and absolutely loved the place, especially as I wouldn’t count myself as someone who loves theme parks. However, I would love to visit Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. The last time I visited Universal Studios was a week before the Halloween Horror Nights were beginning and they had just started decorating the place for the events. The nights are filled with haunted houses, scare zones and entertainment with diabolical surprises. I do scare easily, even looking at the trailers and videos for the events fills me with chills. If you are into jump scares or anything creepy, then it’s definitely worth looking into. 

St. Helens, Oregon

Did you know there is a real place where they show the filming for Halloweentown? It is called Spirit of Halloweentown based in St. Helens, Oregon and looks amazing. Each year the small city transforms into a Spirit of Halloweentown and celebrates all things spooky. If you’re a Halloweentown lover I imagine visiting St. Helens would be fantastic. 

Disney World 

Autumn at Disney World is something I would love to do with my little one and experience the magic through their eyes. I previously visited Disney Springs (the free place to walk around) and I couldn’t stop imagining what it would look like around Halloween. Just from looking at the photos of what Disney World looks like in Autumn with all the decoration and food etc makes me want to go around this time. 

Salem, Massachusetts

What better place to visit in October than the unofficial witching capital of America? I would love to visit to see all the festivities taking place throughout the month and visit the 1692 Salem Witch Trials Museum. I would also love to visit Massachusetts this time of year as it seems like the nature views provide a lovely Autumnal look.


I know there are so many places in America that look just beautiful around this time of year, but Vermont is one I would love to visit. The colours associated with the state this time of year just make me want to climb really high and soak in the view of all the golden and red colours of the trees. 

Georgia, Atlanta 

I would love to visit Georgia for two reasons. One to see the beautiful colours of nature this time of year. Two to go on a tour of The Walking Dead set. What better way to get into the Autumn spirit that to see the Autumnal colours and a tour of one of my favourite TV shows that’s about zombies? 

Bran Castle 

I recently watched the BBC version of Dracula created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat which was fantastic. I started looking into Bran Castle in Transylvania and thought it looked like a wonderful place full of history and myth perfect to visit in the month of October. 

Photo by ScarlateanuN from Pixabay 


Following on from Dracula’s castle destination I would love to visit the gothic town of Whitby. With the 199 steps, Abbey ruins, Abbey Steps Tea Room and the Dracula Experience it is enough to get anyone into the spirit of Halloween. 

Photo by Barry Jones from Pexels

Do you have a bucket list for places you would like to visit in October? 

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