Things to do in the South West when it’s raining

It’s coming up to half term, and there’s nothing worse than wanting to keep the kids entertained, but the weather just isn’t playing ball. I’ve come up with a little list of things you can do down in the South West that will keep the kids (and yourselves) busy during the wet weather! There are some things on here that require a slightly bigger budget, and some things that are free. I’ve also included things for a range of ages, and a few things that can be enjoyed at any age!

Wookey Hole

An old favourite of mine is Wookey Hole in Cheddar. I haven’t been here for many years but I remember going all the time as a youngster. It’s great for any age, and the majority of it takes place inside the caves so it’s perfect for when it’s raining. There is a guided tour around the caves where you can learn all about the history of the place, as well as meet the famous Wookey Witch! There are also lots of other attractions to see such as a fairy garden, a paper mill, museums and much more.

Eden Project

One of Cornwall’s most famous attractions is the Eden Project. Eden is home to the world’s largest indoor rainforest, and features 2 biomes – a rainforest one and a Mediterranean one. Each is set to match the climate of each place, and house exotic plants that you’d only find in these specific places. There is a lot to learn at the Eden Project and is like stepping into a completely different world.

Plymouth Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is the largest aquarium in the UK and is home to 4000 animals. It is also home to the one Ocean Conservation Trust, who are a leading marine charity concentrating on people focused conservation. Through research and education they help with a number of marine conservation projects across the world.

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An indoor trampoline park

One thing that is bound to be a big hit with the kids is a giant indoor trampoline park. You’ll no doubt have a few that are local to you, but a couple that I know of in the South West are Airhop in Bristol and i-Bounce in Exeter, Newton Abbot and Cornwall.

The Museum of Somerset

A free attraction and one that’s very local to me is the Museum of Somerset, based in my home town of Taunton. This is a really great little museum all about the history of the county as well as a few more diverse displays.

An escape room

Something different to do if you have slightly older children or teens is an escape room! There are loads of these popping up all over the country, but there are a few in the South West that you can find here. It’s definitely one my to-do list for this year!

We The Curious Bristol

Formally @Bristol, We The Curious is a science and arts centre and educational charity. It’s aim is to create a culture of curiosity and features over 250 interactive exhibits or sciencey fun. I’m sure it’s changed a lot over the years but I remember going on a school trip there and being science minded I really enjoyed it! It’s great for all ages but I probably wouldn’t recommend it for really little ones.

The Roman Baths

If you’re in the Bath area, a great place to go and visit are the Roman Baths. These are a well-preserved thermae built by the Romans, designed for public bathing, and were used until the end of Roman rule in Britain in the 5th Century AD. You can learn all about the history of the baths and the surrounding area and see how it would have been used many years ago. If you’re with older teens or adults, you could always make a day of it and visit Thermae Bath Spa for a bit of relaxation!

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Exeter Tunnels

This one isn’t suitable for young children or people with claustrophobia, but I wanted to mention it on this list. I’ve never been myself, but under the city of Exeter there are a series of tunnels that you can explore. It could be an interesting thing to do if you want a break from shopping!

Bear Town

Based between Exeter and Cullompton, Bear Town is basically a miniature town that your little ones can explore. It features a post office, building site, bank, police station and much more. For children up to the age of 7, children can dress up and imagine they are working and living in this little town. It’s such an imaginative idea for teaching the little ones how to role play and get their minds active. It’s also cute to have little photoshoots in their mini uniforms!

Haynes Motor Museum

For you car enthusiasts out there, Haynes Motor Museum is a must! Based in Yeovil, it features cars from over the decades as well as ambulances and formula one cars. Even I enjoyed a look around it and I’m not crazy about cars!

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Until next time.


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  1. This is a cool list! We’re considering doing Haynes (again) next month… Plymouth Aquarium has been on my list for ages, but I still haven’t been!


  2. These are some fab suggestions! I haven’t been to the SW much; I’d love to go to the Motor museum (so would my boyfriend) and Bath is HIGH up on my list of places I want to go!


  3. Ooo these sound like some amazing places to visit! I haven’t been to SW before but it’s somewhere on my list of places to visit so I’ll be pinning this post to keep your recommendations. Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely Xo

    Elle –


  4. Very fun ideas! My kids love trampoline parks and my husband and I love escape rooms. This is a great list. 🙂


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