5 autumnal themed accessories I will be purchasing this year and why they add value to my home

This is a guest post from MummyConqueringAnxiety.

I’ve had the same bowl of potpourri on the bookshelf since we moved into this house, almost six years ago. The only element which stands out as autumnal is the six-year-old acorns.

It’s time for a seasonal change. A breath of cold, crisp, fresh air. A mindset change. A new beginning. Something to mark the season officially. 

When we talk about autumnal decorations, we all think Stacey Solomon don’t we? Although I’ve seen news articles showing her amazing doorway each year, it still hasn’t prompted me to change my decorations. If you want to recreate her amazing doorway, look no further than this Grazia article

There is something about 2021 making me super excited for this season. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve spent most of the year suffering from poor mental health, or because everyone in the blogging world is excited about the season, or because Halloween is my fave time of year. 

Maybe it’s a combination of all these things, but this year I’m going all out! 

Here is a list of the items I will be purchasing:

Door wreath 

I honestly thought wreaths on doors were only a Christmas thing. I’ve never noticed them before. The most autumnal foliage I’ve had is a Halloween plant a friend bought for me, in attendance of one of my Halloween parties and it had a little wooden witch on a stick. 

Since becoming excited about all things autumn this year, I have noticed wreaths on front doors, especially when we were driving through quaint little villages on our holiday. 

It’s time to invest in one and let the world know we are welcoming autumn.

There are some lovely ones out there and researching them for this article makes me feel warm inside and ready for everything the impending season has to offer. 

These are some of the best ones I’ve found:

Let me know which ones you like best, as I will be purchasing one of them. 

Autumnal candles 

Again, I’ve never specifically bought an autumn candle. I’ve probably bought scents that vaguely represent Halloween, going into the Christmas season, but I was unaware of the amazing autumnal-themed candles on the market.

I am pleased to learn Yankee candle has a whole range. I feel sorry for my bank balance already. 

If anyone has purchased one of these and has any recommendations please let me know.

This one also looks amazing.

New Pot Pourri for my bowl

The poor bowl. I feel like a picture needs to be included in this section to demonstrate my lack of enthusiasm for autumnal-themed decorations in the past.

Here you go…

The shame!

Maybe I’ve spent too many years working 12 hour days and getting no thanks for it, but I can’t say home decorations were high on the priority list in the past. They are now! I intend to create a life where I predominantly work from home, around my family life. Therefore, my home needs to be a sanctuary. A place of calm!

These are some options for me to choose from, and I honestly love them all

This Dunelm one with the Poppy in is so cute 

Dunelm Pot Pourri

This Habitat one is available at Sainsbury’s

Check out this one on Amazon. I like the addition of other elements to offset the colours 

 Cushions & throws

In our house, we are in desperate need of some new cushions and throws. Again, we’ve had the old ones for years and I’ve had sofa envy every time we visit our friends’ house and sit on their new sofa, with supportive, bouncy cushions. 

I’m thinking fluffy, soft sofa cushions in a grey or autumnal-themed colour, along with a large cosy fleece sofa blanket. I feel cosy just talking about it!

Here are some cushions I’ve been checking out 

These Matalan ones are quite basic but will be a good addition with some more eye-catching ones

I like the look of these Dulelm ones 

A few teddy bear cushions to add to the mix will be great 

Here are some sofa blankets I’ve been checking out 

This Wayfair fluffy blanket is what I’ve been dreaming about, from when I first started talking about buying one 

This one from Wilko also looks so cosy 

Ornaments & decorations 

I plan on dotting these around the house, as you would do with Christmas decorations. 

These decorative pumpkins on Etsy are so cute 

Dunelm also have some lovely autumnal faux flowers

I am in love with this autumn print 

We have prints dotted around the house, but I would love to own a seasonal one and start an autumn-themed decorations box. This way I don’t have to wait until Halloween to get my decorations out. I can begin the fun beforehand. 

The reason I am making a huge deal of autumn this year 

This year hasn’t been the greatest of my life and I’ve probably had more down days than good. I now realise it’s important to celebrate each little moment because the little things really do add up to the overall picture of happiness. It matters to find some joy in each day and if a candle or cushion does that for you, why not?

Writing this article today has made me smile. I am excited about the upcoming season and these small additions to our house will make me smile daily. If I’m having a bad day, I can light my autumnal-themed candle, and hopefully, it will change my mood. 

I can say these small things that don’t seem like much, definitely helped to pull me out of a dark place four months ago. This is how I know the small things in life matter. 

Final thoughts 

Have you already bought decorations for the autumn season and do you like any of the ones posted above? I would love to hear your recommendations and discover some new, amazing products.

About the Author

I am mummy to one feisty toddler and wife to a wonderful man, living in the North of England, UK and making it a priority to enjoy life every second we get to spend together as a family. You will usually find me writing, anything from lists to blog posts, and excited by stationery – show me your post-its! Following my recent breakdown, I believe talking about our struggles is the key to recovery. I started the blog because I felt compelled to share my story & my main goal is to help other people.

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