30 Minutes to a Cozy Fall Home

By Lindsey Kyle of Cozy Stylist Blog

Once the temperatures start to drop and your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of cute Autumn outfits and cosy interiors, you know that it’s time for fall. As soon as the calendar hits September 1st, I like to make certain design changes to my home. I want the atmosphere to be as cosy and inviting as possible. To achieve this look every year I love to use items that I already have in my home/storage instead of buying all new things at the store. 

You may think you need to run to the nearest home decor or craft store to buy pumpkins, pile your mantel with faux leaves, smelly candles and change out every piece of art on your walls for straw wreaths and signs that have some words about autumn on them. BUT YOU DON’T!

And look there is nothing wrong with shopping for home decor, I do it every year. But if you want to transform your home somewhat quickly without having to drive to the store, here are a few ideas on how to fall-i-tize your home in the next 30 minutes. 

5 Minutes: Go find some candles

If you’re like me and have an entire shelf of candles in a closet then it should be pretty easy for you to go get them. I have over 20 candles just collecting dust in a closet, wasting their life away while they patiently wait for me to pick them up and light the wick. So go gather up some of those candles and set them everywhere in your house. I like to have them on the dining room table, fireplace mantle, coffee table, kitchen, and even in the bathroom. 

White candles grouped together will always look great, but don’t be afraid to mix in some color! Fall is the perfect time for orange, dark green, and gold colored candles. 

10 Minutes: Put dried things on display

Stores right now have aisle after aisle of fake plastic leaves and arrangements that you can buy but first, I want you to take a look in and around your home. Let’s start with what you already have outside in your garden or fake foliage that we can use. Why buy fake leaves when a quick walk around the yard or around the block will provide some beautiful, local fall foliage? 

Where I live we have a lot of corn fields so I make sure to grab a stalk or two to craft with. I also look for dried tree branches, leaves, flowers in my garden or even weeds that look pretty. Now what you’re going to do is arrange those floral pieces in a vase and place it on the table, craft a door wreath with them or fill in shelves. 

Other natural items that you may have around your home that you can use as decor are apples, pumpkins, and cinnamon sticks. 

10 Minutes: Shop your house for fall colours

There are certain colours that are associated with Autumn – orange, black, olive green, mustard yellow, rust, and brown. I’m 100% sure you already have items of those colours in your house. The trick is to gather them all together! Walk around your house collecting anything in the fall colours you crave. Nothing is off limits.

Personally, I have kitchen, dining room, and bathroom linens that I switch out to be fall colored towels/napkins. I also group together darker colored books, pillows, and knick-knacks that I find look good next to each other. Don’t forget about darker color vases and plates that you could use to hold flowers or candles. 

5 Minutes: Add texture

During the warmer months we want our homes to appear light and clean. But during the colder months of fall and winter, we want to do the opposite and add in all the color and texture that we can. Take a blanket that has been buried in a closet or under your bed and drape it over a couch. Add some cable knit pillows to chairs and a faux sheepskin rug in front of a mirror or fireplace. 

That’s it, I promise, if you follow those steps and shop your home you can transform your space in 30 minutes! 

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  1. These are all great tips! I bought fall decor a few years back and I’ve been using the same stuff for the last few years. I love how you talk about shopping your own home.


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