My Sunday Re-set routine (AD)

This post contains gifted items and also includes a plug for my own business.

Hi everyone! The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker and it can be, let’s face it, miserable. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you some of the products I have been loving for a good old, at home, pamper session. We all need a little pick me up, especially this time of year, and sometimes we just need to take an evening to ourselves to make ourselves feel human again. For me this is usually a Sunday, where I can have a complete reset before the new week begins. I don’t do this routine every single week because honestly, who has time for that? But on those weeks where I feel like I just need everything sorting, this is what I do….

Light some candles

The first thing I do is make my home feel really cosy by lighting some of my favourite candles. My current favourites are the Spiced Pumpkin and Oriental spice scents from The Flame Game Candle Company (own brand).


I like to go a little bit mask crazy! To start, I cleanse my face and then apply an eye mask, and while this is on I also like to apply a foot pack, my favourite ones being the Superdrug own sock packs. After this I apply a face mask to the rest of my face, and recently I have been loving this Beauty Bay skin fixer clay mask. This is a really good mask if you suffer from breakouts as it really helps to clear your skin.


While my mask is on, I do my gel nails using the Mylee gel nail kit. This makes for a great alternative to going to the nail salon and it’s a much cheaper, and I find they last so much longer than normal nail polish. This is so easy to do as well!

Bubble Bath and hair mask

I love to have a nice hot bubble bath when I want to pamper myself. Before the bath, I wash my hair and then apply the Garnier hair food hair mask for whilst I’m sat in the bath. My favourite products for the bath are the Bubble Trouble bath bombs.

Eyebrows and face

When I’m done in the bath, I wash out the mask and brush my hair, applying my normal heat spray. I pop on a nose pore strip whilst I dry my hair. After this, I like to make sure my eyebrows are looking good by giving them a quick pluck and applying the Eyelure dyebrow kit in the shade dark brown. I have used this product for years for whenever I can’t get to my eyebrow appointments for whatever reason. I also love to go over my face with these little face razors I got on ebay. This removes the top dead layer of skin and also all your peach fuzz, which makes your face so smooth.


I will admit I’ve never waxed my own legs before, but I recently received this sugar wax and it’s honestly a game changer. This is by the brand Sugar Coated and the wax is literally just made of sugar. They’re 100% vegan and cruelty free, and they’re really gentle on the skin, and also very effective at removing all the hairs. I really love using this product and I’ve already ordered some more of this for when this runs out.


Last but not least, before bed I apply my fake tan. I have been loving the St. Moriz clear tanning mousse in medium dark. I then wash it off in the morning and I’m left with a lovely tanned glow. I have also recently been using the St. Moriz face tanning serum and I’m really liking it. I mix it in with my moisturiser over night and then wash it off in the morning.

What are some of your favourite pampering products? Let me know!

Until next time.


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  1. Now this is a good way to spend a day. I really need to make time for this myself. I am a big fan of the Biore products but have not tried the others. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  2. Lovely post! I love a good pamper session and there is no more important time than now during this scary lockdown. We need to promote self care more than ever. I love superdrugs own face and food masks! I have been looking for lip masks so will look into the primark ones soon!

    Thanks for taking the time to post this!

    Hope we can support one another!

    Stay wonderful!

    Louna x

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  3. I am loving self care right now and I’m loving using all the bath bombs and face masks I’ve been storing up for ages. What I love about this post is that they’re mostly really affordable brands so I relate so much more to this as some of them are products I would actually use!!! Great post

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  4. Wow! Super jealous that you’ll be able to do your nails! It feels like forever since I’ve gotten mine done! We definitely need to do self-care during all this!

    Daisy xoxo |

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  5. Oh, I love a good at-home pamper; especially on a Sunday evening to end the week/ start a new week. You really can’t beat a good face mask, can you? I love the under eye masks you can get as well, especially when the hayfever is in full force.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

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  6. We are so on the same page! I’ve been using Biore Pore Strips every few weeks and face masks to help me unwind! I try and read a book when using them or listening to a podcast so I’m not staring at the screen! I also bought a mylee gel machine because I love having my nails done. It just makes me feel so much more put together. Plus I’ve been using the Garnier Hair Masks for ages and I’ve just branched out into a Maui one!

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  7. Oh I feel inspired now to turn this miserable grey day in to a spa day. I love doing my own eyebrows now, I bought wax strips and tint and I am pretty damn good at it. That saves me £10 every 6 weeks.

    Some lovely products here, I will have to try the superdrug foot one, my feet are terrible at the mo!

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  8. Your pamper session just sounds wonderful. There is just something about doing a full body pamper, isn’t there? I would love to have a go at doing my own gel nails, but I am not allowed to wear any form of polish at work 😦

    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  9. I’m not much of a pampering person but love this post! Today I am planning on lighting candles, putting a face mask and hair mask on, body cream, do my nails and just relax ❤

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  10. I love a good sheet face mask – I only use ones from Simple because I have extra sensitive skin so they are a real treat when I have one 🙂 I always feel very pampered when I’ve painted my nails too. Great post xx

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  11. I hardly ever take time to have a pamper night, its very rare but i love the idea of doing all these things in one sitting rather than separate days! I love the soap and glory eye mask, so refreshing!

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  12. Ooo I love a good self care moment,its something we all need a little more of atm that’s for sure! ☺️
    I too have that Sugar Coated waxing kit for my underarms but am yet to use it! So pleased you found it easy to use, it makes me less wary of doing it that’s for sure! ❤️
    You’ve inspired me to pamper myself tonight so thank you! Am looking forward to it already! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Xo

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  13. My favorite weekend activities are doing some chores, drawing illustrations, watch movies, reading romantic novels. I also like to wear sheet and sleeping mask during weekend.


  14. I’ve wanted to try sugar wax for the longest time I’ve seen so much of it on tik tok I think I’m just too scared in case it hurts haha! Love this post, sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! 🙂

    Courtney x


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