15 Autumn Activities To Support Your Mental Health

*This post is a guest post by Kelly from TheKellyDianeReport

Before I get started on this post, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Ellie for allowing me to guest post on her blog. Bloggers supporting other bloggers is so heart-warming and is great to see. 

Whilst I would love to say that autumn is my favourite season, I actually love all of them. I like to think the start of a new season as being a fresh start. Winter is all about Christmas for me. From the build up, Christmas itself and finally the calming down afterwards. When spring comes along, I love watching new lives beginning in the fields around my home. Summer of course is the promise of sunshine and warmth. Having said that, if you live in the UK like me, we know how debatable that can be. When autumn rolls around, I love the warm orange colour palette that fills the trees and eventually the ground. It’s a time that I look forward to, being able to wind down and relax in the comfort of my own home. 

Changes in season can be difficult for a lot of people. Personally, I always find the change into autumn the hardest because you are going from warm and light summer evenings to wet, windy and dark autumn nights. The evenings seem to last forever and it can really affect a persons mental health. This is what spurred me on to write this post. Our mental health has taken such a battering over the course of this pandemic and we have all had to put up with lots of challenging situations. I hope you find these 15 autumn activities to support your mental health useful. Without further ado, here they are…

Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels.com

Go For A Woodland Walk

Wrap up warm and head outside for a walk. Woodlands at this time of year are so colourful and you might even spot some wildlife preparing for winter. 

Have A Cosy Film Night

There is nothing better than snuggling under a blanket and watching your favourite films. You might want to watch your favourite spooky horror. Or, if you’re a wimp like me, you’ll stick to a classic chick flick. Whatever you choose, move your phone away and just enjoy yourself. 

Declutter Your Home

Let’s face it, your home is going to take a beating over the next couple of months. From Halloween and Christmas decorations, to the gifts that you might be lucky to receive but now need to find a home for. Decluttering now will help you in the long run and will be one less thing to stress about. 

Go Pumpkin Picking

Not only is this a lot of fun, you are also getting some fresh air too. There are so many places popping up where you can pick your own pumpkins for a small charge. Which brings me onto my next activity…

Decorate A Pumpkin

There are so many ways you could decorate your pumpkin. Maybe you want to go down the traditional route and carve out a spooky face. You could cheat like I do and use cookie cutters instead to create shapes based on something you like. I’ve also seen some lovely painted designs as well as some adorned with quotes. The choice is completely yours. 

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

Have A Games Night

Whether with family or friends, why not host a games night. With delicious snacks and good company, the time will fly by and you will have a great time. Its important to remember that sometimes all you need is a good get together with those you love. 

Write In A Gratitude Journal

Whilst the evenings are dragging out, why not start writing in a gratitude journal. Even if you only spend five minutes each evening jotting things down, you will feel so much better. If a gratitude journal doesn’t appeal to you, why not start writing a diary. After all, it worked well for Bridget Jones!

Decorate The House

Having know Ellie for quite a few years, I know this would be number one priority on her list. Decorating for Halloween has definitely become more popular in the UK in recent years, mainly thanks to TK Maxx. Curating and displaying your decorations will give you something to look forward to as well as something to focus on and fill the time. 

Make An Autumn Wreath

Talking of decorations, wreath making is such a fun craft to do. It can be really inexpensive too. A wreath frame usually only costs a couple of pound and for the decoration, you could pick up pine cones and other bits on your woodland walk. Spraying them with a bit of hairspray will make them last longer too!

Light Autumn Scented Candles

There is something so pretty about dimmed lights and lit candles. I love filling my home with the scent of autumn. Its lovely to come back home after a day out and be met with wonderful smells. 

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

Make A Seasonal Soup

Gather in-season vegetables and create a delicious soup. There are lots of recipes online or you could simply wing it with your own creation. If you are carving pumpkins, you could use some of that in your soup to cut down on waste. It will warm you up from the inside out and make you feel so much better. 

Have A Pamper Night

Run yourself a lovely bath, light a candle and just relax in a sea of bubbles. You might decide to add some nourishment back into your skin with a face mask or body oil too. The important thing is to just take time away from your phone and focus on yourself for a while. 

Invest In Warm Pyjamas

I don’t know about you but I live in my pyjamas during autumn. Investing in some that will keep you warm and cosy is a must in my opinion. You don’t have to spend a fortune, as long as you are comfortable.

Loose Yourself In A Book

There is something so wonderful about loosing yourself in a good book. Whether it’s the latest release or you are reading Lord Of The Rings for the millionth time, as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters. 

Photo by rikka ameboshi on Pexels.com

Refresh Your Morning Routine

I wanted to save this one until last because I think it’s the most important. When you think logically, your summer morning routine probably isn’t going to work in autumn and winter. Its important to sit down and think of ways you can refresh your morning routine. Personally, my summer routine starts with me being woken up by the sun rising because I have left my curtains open. Let’s face it, that isn’t going to work in autumn. Firstly, it stays darker in the mornings and secondly, I want my curtains closed to keep out the cold weather. To switch it up but still wake up nicely, I use a Lumie alarm clock. This uses a gradual sunrise light to wake you up naturally like the sun would do. Making small changing to your morning routine can make such a huge difference and make your day feel much better. 

I hope you have found these autumn activity suggestions helpful. If you have any others, leave them in the comments below. 

About The Author

Hello, I’m Kelly from The Kelly Diane Report. I’ve been blogging on and off for the last ten years and love to share helpful tips and hacks I’ve picked up along the way. I also love to share my thoughts on products I’ve been using and books I’ve been reading. I hope I can inspire you to try new things and enjoy the life you have. 

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