My top 5 must see Halloween films

Hello everyone! Halloween is almost upon us, and I thought why not share some of, in my opinion, the best Halloween films with you!? Because who doesn’t love a scary film, right? I’ll actually admit, I’m not a huge horror lover. I used to be back in the day, but as I’ve gotten older I scare a lot more easily and I find myself jumping a lot more than I did.

Here are a few of my favourite films to watch around Halloween:

The Saw collection

My absolute favourite collection of horror films is Saw. I watched these as a teenager and I was hooked! The whole idea of it is a really interesting concept – a lot of films can be basically copies of each other but I haven’t seen anything with this theme at all. I wouldn’t say it’s a jumpy film, apart from a couple of scenes, it’s more gory than anything. It’s such a brilliant plot as well especially with the ending of the seventh film and then onto Jigsaw.

Nightmare on elm street (1984)

This is a classic and I’m sure everyone has seen this at least once. I find the whole character of Freddy really disturbing and creepy, which makes sense due to the fact he’s a former child killer who was burnt to death by the victim’s parents. It’s a classic slasher film and as so many sequels and even a remake in 2010, although I haven’t seen any of them. There’s also a crossover with Jason from Friday 13th, but I 100% do not recommend that as it’s terrible!

Wrong turn (2003)

This film follows a group of friends who are on a trip and have to make a detour into the mountains of West Virginia where they are ambushed by families of disformed hillbillies and hunted down. It features some gruesome traps and some jumpy bits, and is overall a really good film. I haven’t watched any of the many sequels so this year I might see if I can catch a few to see what they’re like.

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I spit on your grave (2010)

I watched this one at a sleepover when I was 15, and ever since then I’ve not forgotten it. It’s a rape and revenge film, where a woman is brutally gang raped and we see her get her revenge in gruesome ways. This is a remake of the 1978 film, which I haven’t seen, and it can be quite distressing to watch. This recommendation comes with a trigger warning so please don’t attempt to watch it if you’re triggered by sexual assault.

Sinister 1 & 2

Lastly, one of the creepiest pair of films I have ever seen in my life! There’s something about these films that really creep me out, so in terms of horror films I guess they’ve done a good job! I watched these with my boyfriend about 6 years ago and he doesn’t understand why I’m so creeped out by them. I don’t think I’ll ever be watching these again, and some of the scenes have lived in my head rent free for years. It’s a really interesting plot, and I’ve not seen any other films that follow the same storyline

What are your favourite Halloween films, and have you seen any of the above? Are you a horror fan? Let me know!

Until next time.


15 thoughts on “My top 5 must see Halloween films

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  1. Ooh girl these ones are scary!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸŽƒ I have a Halloween movie post and mine Are little baby picks compared to yours! You brave!


  2. Ooh! Great list. Hard to pick five, but I’ll go with these. The Exorcist; The Shining; Nightmare on Elm Street; Poltergeist; IT (1990 and 2017) and Candyman


  3. I haven’t seen any of these films as they all sound really scary! My favourite Halloween films would have to be The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, The Craft, Practical Magic and Carrie!


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