The blog planner that you need to up your blogging game (ad)

This blogging planner was gifted to my in exchange for a review, however all opinions remain my own.

Hi everyone! Welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you something that has really changed the game for me when it comes to blogging.

Although my life isn’t always necessarily the most organised, I’ve always been obsessed with planners and notebooks and I feel like I’ve got my sh*t together when I’ve planned out my week. One thing I love to organise is my blogging life. This time of year in particular it can get very overwhelming trying to remember what collaborations you have agreed to and deadlines for certain posts going up, and a normal list just doesn’t cut it.

This is where a blog planner comes in. I recently trialled out a planner from Jordanne Lee Creative, in particular the Peach Dreams planner. This planner has absolutely everything you need to keep track of anything blog related, and I love that it contains sections on things you might not always remember to keep track of on a regular basis.

Jordanne Lee Creative

I found printing this off was the easier way for me to fill it out, as I like to have it physically in front of me whilst working on it. One thing I think sets these planners apart from others I’ve seen is the fact that they have been created by a blogger, for bloggers. Jordanne is a blogger herself, and she has done a fantastic job at highlighting everything a blogger needs to think about, from monthly stats trackers to sponsorships, post brainstorming to everyday planning. There’s also a great affiliate tracking section that helps you keep track of discount codes/links and how well they’ve performed, as well as a payment record so you know if you’ve missed a payment.

This blog planner will help you to;

– Build your brand

– Define your values

– Keep track of billing dates

– Set your ideal target audience

– Keep track of branding

– Effectively plan and track your content

– Stay on top of blog tasks

– Stay on top of daily tasks

– Plan your social media content

– Provide you with useful checklists

– Keep track of habits

– Create quality content

I’ve found this planner has completely changed the game when it comes to blogging. It’s helped me become much more organised with my blog and I now know exactly what needs doing when, and what brand work I have coming up and it’s so much clearer to keep track of. I’d 100% recommend these planners to bloggers and content creators as, like I said, they were created by a blogger so they have exactly what you need.

Jordanne Lee Creative

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