How I celebrate Halloween – My Halloween Traditions

When you think of Halloween here in the UK, you probably think of carved pumpkins on doorsteps and trick-or-treating. If you’re a teenager or a Uni student you probably think of Halloween parties because let’s face it, it’s another excuse for a night out! I certainly remember the Halloween nights out when I was at uni – dressing up and spending most of the night trying to get into a club as it was so busy!

I will admit these days I’m all for a quieter Halloween. Something I do every single year without fail is carve a pumpkin. I love to put on a spooky playlist or a film and carve my pumpkin – always doing the same design which is of course Jack Skellington! I don’t think I’m capable of carving anything else.

I tried to make it to a pumpkin patch this year but once again I never got to go. Something always comes up every year that makes me not able to go – so I guess that’s kind of a tradition in itself. Maybe one day I’ll finally make it!

I normally like to do some kind of Halloween baking – normally cupcakes with spooky toppings – however the run up to Halloween this year we’ve been having our kitchen redone so I haven’t been able to.

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Since moving to our current house 3 years ago, we’ve discovered a little group of houses that have a little communal garden area which is accessible to the public. Each year for Halloween they go all out and full on decorate the area, from bodies coming out of the ground to spooky music to giant spiders crawling up the houses. It’s always a laugh walking round there and seeing it, and spotting what they’ve added to it each year.

On Halloween night I always make sure I have my pumpkins lit outside the front door so that any trick-or-treaters know to come knocking. I love being dramatic about the little one’s costumes and it’s so cute seeing them all dressed up.

This year I’m doing something very unlike me in my old age and going to a Halloween party at a friend’s house on the Saturday night! I’m going as a female Freddy Krueger and I’ve got the full costume – glove and everything!

How are you spending Halloween this year? Have you got any traditions?

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