Bloggers to follow this December (ad)

This is a sponsored post.

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we have gotten to the last advertiser’s post of the year! I’ve really been enjoying creating these posts and sharing lots of lovely bloggers with you each month, so I will definitely be carrying this on into the new year. You can find out more information here if you’d like to be involved!

Onto this month’s advertisers, and I’ve got some great bloggers to share with you:

Simply Alex Jean

Located in Ontario, Canada, Alex is a lifestyle blogger who specialises in all things Pinterest. As well as being a Pinterest manager, her blog focusses on health & wellness, chronic illness, organisation and lifestyle. She also has some fantastic posts all about using essential oils around the home and how to maximise the benefits of oils.

Simply Alex Jean

There is a huge range of posts to read on her blog, but here are 2 I think you should check out:

How to grow on Pinterest – Alex uses her knowledge and expertise to give advice on how to grow your Pinterest. As a Pinterest novice, this has been extremely helpful for me!

4 Ways a wrapping paper organiser can help – This is a great post that talks about how you can use a wrapping paper organiser to save waste, money and time at Christmas. Lot’s of people head out to the shops to buy new wrapping paper, gift tags and bags each year when let’s face it, we’ve always got plenty left from the previous year.

Make sure you check out Alex’s blog for more tips and tricks, and follow her Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Life of Morag

Morag’s blog features a range of topics, mostly centred around Mental and Physical health, travel and politics. One thing I love about her blog is that she talks about a lot of current and relevant topics, such as lockdown, POC and anxiety. She has some brilliant blog posts that you should definitely have a read of:

Life of Morag

Female Solo Travel Tips – This post features some fantastic tips on travelling by yourself as a woman. We often feel like we get looked at or everyone wonders why we are on our own, but Morag highlights the fact that the majority of the time this isn’t the case. I get nervous taking solo trips or even days out by myself, so I will be keeping these tips in mind to help me make that step.

How to support your friend with a disability – This post is from the point of view of a person with a disability, and features some great advice. It helps us get a little more understanding of what it’s really like to be disabled, and things we probably don’t necessarily think of when you’re able bodied. Whilst Morag doesn’t say to stop giving advice, she highlights the fact that most things you’ll say they will have already heard and done their research on. Trust me – they know about their disability a lot more than we do.

I featured this blog back in August, so make sure you check out that post for more post recommendations. You can also check her out over on Twitter and Instagram too!

A Boho Life

Sarah is a Bohemian Lover, Free spirit and a hippy at heart. Her blog was created in order to document her love for an alternative lifestyle and wanderlust. You can find all sorts of posts and topics including holistic wellness, shopping and travel – as well as a van life series where she shares interviews with people who have adopted a van-living lifestyle. I really loved reading these posts as it’s so interesting to see how other people choose to live and how freeing it can be.

Like I said there are many topics and posts to choose from, but a couple I think you should check out are:

Rishikesh: The Birthplace of Yoga – This posts gives a brilliant insight into Rishikesh, India, where yoga originated. Sarah talks about the spiritual energy of the place and how the vibe is completely different to ‘normal’ life. This post has some stunning imagery too!

Grief and Yoga – In this post Sarah talks about the heartache, physical and mental ache of losing someone very close to you. She explains how yoga has helped her cope with the grief by giving her the time and space to clear her mind and find her centre, and ultimately start to rebuild her strength.

Make sure you check out Sarah’s Twitter too!

Until next time.


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