My top 5 festive films to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s almost Christmas, and I feel like this year has been a very strange one. It’s taken me so long to feel even remotely festive, and I just don’t have the same spirit as I normally do. I normally love getting cosy and sticking on a Christmas film, so I thought doing this would help me get into the Christmas mood – which it did! If you’ve been like me this year, here are a few of my favourite Christmas films that get me feeling festive.


This is probably top of most people’s lists – it’s certainly a popular one! It’s not my absolute favourite Christmas film but it is definitely one to life your spirits. This is a good one to have on in the background while you’re putting up your tree and decorations.


The Grinch

I feel like this is a love it or hate it film. For me, it’s definitely a love! It’s my absolute favourite Christmas film and I usually watch it multiple times a year. I also really love the remake and although the plot is slightly different, it’s still really good. Nothing will beat the Jim Cary version though, it’s a real childhood classic for me.



The best Disney film to watch this time of year has to be Frozen. It just screams Christmas doesn’t it? It’s a lovely one to watch when you want a little sing-a-long.


The Holiday

A film that might not be intentionally a Christmas film, but everyone knows you watch it around this time of year! This will always be a favourite of mine, I love everything about it.


The Ghost of Greville Lodge

Finally, one that a lot of people have never heard of . Again, this is a childhood favourite of mine, and will always be one of those classic Christmas films. I used to watch it all the time as a child and I really love the storyline. It’s more of a serious film than an uplifting one so it’s one you need to sit down and properly watch.


Honourable mention goes to The Nightmare Before Christmas! But do you class this a a Halloween or Christmas film?

What are your favourite festive films? Let me know!

Until next time.


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  1. I always find it so hard to choose a favourite film, there are so many that I really enjoy watching for so many different reasons! Home Alone is definitely one film that makes me think of Christmas, haha. I remember seeing it on TV every year when growing up!



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