Bloggers to follow this February (ad)

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It’s February, and that means I have another round of wonderful bloggers to share with you!

Simply Alex Jean

Located in Ontario, Canada, Alex is a lifestyle blogger who specialises in all things Pinterest. As well as being a Pinterest manager, her blog focusses on health & wellness, chronic illness, organisation and lifestyle. She also has some fantastic posts all about using essential oils around the home and how to maximise the benefits of oils.

Simply Alex Jean

There is a huge range of posts to read on her blog, but here are 2 I think you should check out:

5 helpful essential oils for migraine relief at home – If you suffer from migraines, this is an excellent post for you to have a read of. Certain essential oils can really help with migraines and Alex’s post highlights these and how to use them.

Good foods to eat on your period – Let’s face it, we all feel like eating anything and everything in sight when it’s that time of the month. But are there certain foods that actually help us out? Alex talks us through 6 foods that can help with cramping and helps to balance our hormones during our period.

Make sure you check out Alex’s blog for more tips and tricks, and follow her Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Sarah Clarke

Another fantastic blogger based in Ontario is Sarah. She has been working in digital marketing since 2003, and is passionate about social media, branding, and marketing. Her blog mainly focusses on business, branding and SEO. She focusses on helping business owners succeed using her expertise in digital marketing.

Sarah has some fantastic and very informative posts on her blog – here are a couple I think you should check out:

How to use tiktok to market your business – As a small biz owner myself I found this post extremely helpful. I am yet to dip my toes into the world of tiktok but when I do, I will definitely refer back to this post for information. If you have a business you definitely need to have a read of this!

20 Questions to ask on social media – I will admit, sometimes on social media it can feel like I’m just shouting into the void. I write a lot of posts and get little to no interaction. This post highlights 20 questions that are bound to give you some engagement. I will be using some of these on my own twitter when engagements are a bit slow!

Make sure you check out Sarah’s Twitter and Instagram too!

Until next time.


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