The benefits of using Hyaluronic Acid in your skincare routine (ad)

This post contains gifted items for review purposes, however all opinions remain my own. I am in no way a skincare expert so please do your own research before trying products.

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I have posted a skincare post – I think the last was back in December where I tried out the new Liz Earle Pro-biotic range. I’m back today with another product review, this time for a Hyaluronic serum. I’ve never used a product like this before, so when I was reached out to by the lovely PR team for Modern Herbals to see if I’d like to try their product, I was very excited to give it a go.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that is naturally present throughout the human body. Hyaluronic Acid is made by the body to retain water in order to keep your skin moisturised. In the joints, natural hyaluronic acid has several functions, including:

  • Lubrication. Hyaluronic acid binds well to water, producing a viscous, jelly-like consistency. This viscous fluid provides lubrication and also acts as a shock absorber within the joint.
  • Growth of cartilage and bone. Hyaluronic acid helps in the growth and development of joint’s cartilage and bone by promoting the growth of new cells and tissues.
  • Reducing inflammation. Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in reducing joint inflammation and pain caused by injury or tissue degeneration.

Hyaluronic acid is used for different types of treatments, such as those for the joints, skin, and eyes.

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How is it used in skincare?

When used within a skin serum, Hyaluronic Acid will penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue and can help to delay the formation of wrinkles, plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face. It can also encourage the regeneration of skin, and enhanced moisture and hydration, resulting in brighter skin.

The Hydra-Vital Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This serum combines two powerful molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid with plant extracts, and Provitamin B5. The larger molecules act on the surface of the skin, helping to smooth it, and the smaller molecules penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. Hydra Vital is completely oil-free, light in texture and comes recommended by many leading dermatologists.

Provitamin B5 promotes lasting hydration and healthy skin, protects the barrier of the skin and helps it to retain moisture. Use this serum both morning and evening for best results.

My thoughts

Having tried out this product for a good few weeks, I can honestly say it has been a game changer, especially for the colder winter months. This time of year can usually make my skin dry out but this has definitely helped to prevent that.

What I really liked about this product was the fact that it didn’t feel sticky on the skin and it sunk in almost instantly. I hate skincare products that feel heavy or sit on top of the skin. I found this also works really nicely under makeup and didn’t make my foundation go funny at all, which I’ve found some products in the past have.

My skin feels really smooth and plump, and I’d 100% recommend this product if you suffer from dry skin!

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