My Current Skincare Favourites (ad)

This post contains some items that have been previous gifted to me as PR. I have also included some affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you buy through my link at no extra cost to yourselves.

Hi everyone! It honestly feels like an absolute age since I’ve sat down and written a proper, old-school blog post. I used to write quite a few skincare posts back in the day, but back then I used to change up my skincare quite a lot. In recent months I’ve tended to stick to the same few products that I found worked for me. They didn’t necessarily improve my skin, but they never caused me any more skin grief than I already have.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I seem to be on a new little skincare journey. I’ve rediscovered my love for trying new products, and I’ve found a few that seem to be improving the overall look and feel of my skin.

As some of you may know, I suffer with breakouts very often. I think because I never really suffered with teenage acne, I’m making up for it now. Every month I get 4 or 5 hormonal ragers on my chin and no matter what I do, they still appear. I’m still on the hunt for the ultimate combo to cure this, however I have found a couple things that seem to have improved it recently.

Liz Earle Gel Cleanser

I spoke more about this in a previous post, but this has quickly become one of my favourite cleansers. I love a gel cleanser that completely melts your makeup away, and this product does just that. I actually double cleanse with this so once I’ve used it to remove my makeup, I’ll go in with another cleanse and use it as a milk cleanser. This is super gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling squeaky clean.

Liz Earle Superskin Microdermabrasion Polish

This is a very recent discovery for me but so far, I’ve loved the results! This is a 3-in-1 chemical exfoliation polish that has a unique exfoliating formulation, using natural AHAs to gently remove dulling surface debris revealing noticeably brighter, smoother skin. I really love this product and have noticed a big difference in my skin with only 3-4 uses so far.

elf Cookies n Dreams Milkshake Overnight Mask

I’m a huge fan of elf skincare and the majority of my skincare products are from there. They recently released a new collection which smells like cookies and cream, so of course I couldn’t resist getting something. This is an overnight mask and is a fab product if you suffer from dry skin. It’s really moisturising so you wake up with really soft skin, and it sinks in so nicely and doesn’t feel sticky at all.

elf oil control serum

If you suffer from oily skin, this is a great product to use. I use this under my makeup daily and it really helps to reduce pore size and oil throughout the day, and stops me getting shiny. I’ve used a few similar products in the past and I’ve found this one has worked the best.

Beauty Bay Soothe Paste

I’m obsessed with this product! As I said previously, I suffer with breakouts on a regular basis. I put this on active spots overnight and by the morning they have shrunk right down. This paste acts as a barrier over the spot and helps to dry it out, as well reducing scarring.

Foreo UFO Mini

I have to admit, I was roped into this one by some of my favourite Youtubers. One in particular does ads for this all the time and it always intrigued me. I’ve used their facial cleansing device for years now and loved it, so while they had a sale on I thought I’d treat myself to the UFO Mini. I spoke about this in my January favourites, so for more information head over and have a read of that.

What are some of your favourite skincare products? Let me know!

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  1. Oo I also love the Liz Earle Cleanse and Glow Cleanser! I now use it everyday. I haven’t tried anything from elf skincare before but I love the sound of that serum, I’ll have to give it a try! X


  2. Ooo you’ve shared some great sounding products lovely. I’ve always wanted to try Liz Earl so I think I’ll defiantly look into purchasing this cleanser as cleansing is my favourite part of my skincare routine. I have a foreo myself and I absolutely love it. Its helped my skin out a lot. Thank you so much for sharing todays post with us, I really enjoyed reading Xo

    Elle –


  3. Another e.l.f lover!! So pleased to read it’s in your favourites, not only are their products great but they’re super affordable and get the job done as well! Not heard of Foreo so much but it’s one I’ll look into as I’m changing up my skincare now too (I can thank my new relationship with Eczema for that one!) – great post!


  4. I like reading these posts to see what other people use for their skincare and what products they recommend. I haven’t tried Liz Earle products before, but I know a lot of people who rave about their products! Thank you for sharing.


  5. I bought some kind of Foreo product, I saw it on an Insta ad but it was like £80 on their website. I managed to get it off Amazon (which I don’t love, but I also can’t spend £80) for £14! It didn’t really work for me, so I’m glad I didn’t get the £80 one, I hope yours works tho – I probably didn’t do it right. I like the sound of the Liz Earle gel cleanser, I’ll look out for it x


  6. The oil control serum definitely sounds like something I need. I’m currently using a serum for oily skin and I’m not a huge fan of it, so I’ll definitely have to keep this one in mind for next time!


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