Switching up my home décor with Poster Store (ad)

Items in this post have been gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions remain my own and I’d never recommend a product or brand that I didn’t love.

It gets to this point of every year, when spring is in the air and the days are getting longer, I always get the urge to have a big overhaul of the house. Redecorating is always a big job, and isn’t too easy when you’re in a rented house. Although I get on well with my landlord, and they don’t mind me adding touches of paint when I need to, I think repainting the whole house as and when I want is a bit much. One thing I’ve found really changes the look and feel of a room is switching up your wall art. The easiest way of doing this is by using posters. These are so much more cost effective than real paintings, and by using prints you can switch them around much more often. I recently teamed up with Poster Store to show you how you can switch up your home décor using prints and posters, so if you’d like to know more, keep reading!

A little about Poster Store

Based in Stockholm, Poster Store is an interior design company that sells Scandinavian inspired posters and frames. They pride themselves in providing high quality items that are both beautiful and affordable. Using their unique prints you can create your very own gallery wall that is tailor made for your home. Their website includes a feature where you can view examples of gallery walls for inspiration, allowing you to easily shop the look too!

There is a huge selection of posters and frames available to suit all tastes, with a new collection being released every Tuesday.

One of my favourite aspects of Poster Store is the fact all their posters are printed on sustainably produced, high-quality paper. The paper they use is certified by FSC, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and International environment guidelines ISO 14001. This means that the wood used for their products comes from responsibly managed forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards. 

Switching up my décor

I wanted to select a handful of posters that would fit my existing décor and themes, and as you can see I went for a lot of their beautiful Nature posters. This Elephant print was the perfect fit for an empty wall in my living room. I went for the oak frame which matches the other wooden furniture in the room, and the colours of the print complement the paint really well. As I’ve said before, I currently rent and as with a lot of rented properties the walls are a fetching magnolia colour. It can be hard to find wall art to go with this but I think the warm tones in this poster do the job nicely.

In my spare room, which is used as a beauty room/stock room/pet room all in one, I wanted to keep the art quite neutral. I went for two very similar prints for either side of my makeup desk, and I just loved these beach grass ones. This adds some symmetry to the room and fills the space quite nicely. I couldn’t resist getting this Magic Castle poster as it reminded me of one of my favourite fictional places. I found a space for this on another wall of my spare room and I think it works with the room really well. For these three I went for a black wooden frame which stands out against the neutral tones of the posters.

Onto a room that I love to switch up regularly – the bathroom. There is very limited wall space in here, as most of it is tiled, so I chose a smaller print which I could put on the window ledge. The smaller frame I got for this actually has a stand on the back, so I could easily stand it up without having to try to balance it. As my bathroom is very grey and white I wanted to add a little bit of colour, but nothing too bright. The pink tones of this peach sunset print worked really well and has a lovely relaxed vibe.

Final thoughts

I am so happy with how my rooms have turned out, and I can’t believe how much just adding some prints can change the whole feel of a room. One thing I wanted to mention, aside from the great quality of the prints, is the fantastic quality of the frames. I’ve had so many frames in the past that barely feel like wood and more like flimsy plastic disguised as wood. These are not like that at all and are really well made.

If you’re looking to refresh your home I’d definitely recommend checking out Poster Store. If anything catches your eye, you can use code 45ELLIE to save a whopping 45% on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). This is not combinable with other discount campaigns and is valid from 28th of April to 6th of May.

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  1. These look so fun! I love wall part, I get my prints from CavaPeople. I’ve also got a few paint by numbers, which are a great way to spend extra time. The prints you pictured are gorgeous and match perfectly.


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