June 2022 favourites (ad)

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We’re officially halfway through the year! How mad is it that we’re now nearer to this Christmas than last? I’ve decided to start my shopping soon in the hopes of spreading the cost, the only issue is storing it all. Are you an early shopper or do you do it last minute, or somewhere in between?

Anyway, that’s enough about the C word. I’m still feeling all the Summer vibes, and it has been a glorious week in terms of weather (of course it has while I’ve been working). I’ve got lots of summery favourites to share with you today, so enough rambling, let’s get straight into it!


Throughout the last month or so I’ve really gotten into working out more. I mentioned a few months back I had started going to the gym consistently, however I recently fell back in love with an aqua aerobics class that I used to go to. I now do it every week and it’s a lot of fun. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a class all by myself, which is something I never thought I’d do. It’s a step class and although it is really hard work, it’s also really fun and I’m enjoying going.

I’m feeling so much better within myself now that I’m working out more, and it’s given me such a confidence boost knowing I can actually do things on my own.


I’ve been obsessing over this comfy set from Primark! I’ve had the shorts a little while now but recently discovered the matching top, and it’s one of the comfiest sets to lounge/potter/sleep in. I find it’s quite flattering too on my body shape, as it cuts off in the right places.

A outfit I’ve been loving this month is this dress from Asda. This is the perfect little summer dress – it’s light and airy, but not see-through – and it flows out at just the right place. I can’t fault it!


It has been many, many years since I read the Harry Potter books, and after watching the first film a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time I re-read them. I’m partway through the first one – it’s taking longer than I thought because I can barely find the time – but so far it’s felt very nostalgic.

I’ve discovered a Youtuber recently that I never thought I’ve suddenly started binge watching, which is Madison Sarah. I’ve seen her in the past in a lot of Rachel Leary’s videos but I’d never gone on to watch her own content. Consider me a fan!

Bloggers of the month


Dispeller is a blog dedicated to curiosity, shattering illusions, and being true to yourself. Laura talks about things she wishes she’d worked out sooner, and covers a huge range of topics including beauty, lifestyle, wellbeing, psychology and blogging tips.

There are so many great posts on the blog, but a here are a couple you should check out:

5 Tips to Beat the New Pinterest Algorithm

Why the Narcissist Chose You: 5 Reasons

Laura is active on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so go and give her a follow!

Until next time.


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