Creating a cat-friendly home on a budget

I have previously worked with Cat’s protection on a gifted basis, however this post is not paid for or endorsed in any way. This is simply some information I wanted to share with you whilst supporting a fantastic charity.

With the rising costs of literally everything at the moment, it’s still incredibly important to ensure your feline friend is as happy as ever. I’m teaming up with Cat’s Protection to help those of us feeling the financial pinch take care of our kitties and give them all they need whilst on a budget.

Here are a few essential things you will need to provide whether you are adopting a cat or are already an owner:

  • Somewhere to sleep (bed, cardboard box, etc)
  • Food and water (separate bowls placed away from each other)
  • Somewhere to toilet (litter tray or garden)
  • Somewhere to scratch (horizontal or vertical scratching surface/post)
  • Toys and plenty of play time
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There are plenty of products on the market, including Cat’s Protection Cat Care Collection, but why not try your hand at making your own cat bed or cat toys to keep the cost down? I had a go at making a feeding toy for my Layla and it was so easy and fun to do! It kept her occupied for a while and it’s great to reuse over and over again, using household rubbish so didn’t really cost a penny.

There is a tonne of information over of the Cat’s Protection website on how to create the #ThePurrfectHome for your kitty, so make sure you head over there. Here are a few things you can do to keep the costs down:

  • Make toys from household waste aka toilet rolls, egg boxes, bottles
  • Make your own treats
  • Don’t bother with expensive litter – I’ve found the cheap stuff works just as well!
  • Make scratching posts from old carpet cut-offs
  • Don’t go buying expensive beds – they just won’t use them! Mine much prefers a blanket on the sofa

Don’t forget to check out the Cat’s Protection website for lots of useful information and advice!

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3 thoughts on “Creating a cat-friendly home on a budget

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  1. Such a cute post and the resources are great for someone who doesn’t know where to start.

    We are thinking of getting a first pet for our little one soon and it’s important to consider all the extra things you might need.


  2. Baking for our pets (dogs and cats) is something that I have really embraced in the past few years. Especially because we have now pet with some pretty serious food allergies which can make finding options in the pet store a bit of a challenge. What’s not to love about high-quality treats at a fraction of the price? lol


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