Finding The Pet Insurance Plan To Suit You (AD)

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Sometimes it feels like life is a never ending list of insurance plans. There’s car insurance, home insurance and even life insurance. They want you to insure everything these days, right down to your mobile phone. Of course, the majority of these things are necessary, and one that is often overlooked is pet insurance. It is incredibly important to have insurance cover on your pet – whether it’s a cat, dog or little hamster.

With the upping of costs for everything at the moment, one thing that no-one wants is an unexpected, HUMONGOUS vet bill if their pet is suddenly needing care. Insurance on your pet means that for many situations the cost of treatment will be covered. It can be an incredibly daunting task trying to decide the best pet insurance plan for you, as there are so many on the market.

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Today I wanted to introduce you to British Pet Insurance Services, who launched in 2018 with the aim of developing quality, affordable pet insurance. They offer flexible cover levels and a range of optional extras that can be specifically tailored to you and your pet’s needs. They cover a huge variety of UK pets including pygmy hedgehogs, birds of prey, lizards and snakes, as well as the usual dogs, cats and horses. They also offer an extensive range of pet business insuranceinsurance for dog walkersgroomerspet sitters, and more.

When deciding on the plan that works best for you and your pet, I’ve found it helps to have a clear table that compares all the options. The British Pet Insurance Services website does exactly that, so you can see exactly what you are paying for and what isn’t included. There’s nothing worse than finding out your treatment isn’t covered in your plan AFTER you’ve seen the vet!

I just wanted to mention how clear the information is on the website. Having an older cat (almost 14!) it’s difficult to find cover for her. However the comparison table on the website clearly states which plans (although limited) are available for senior cats and which are not, and it’s not written in the small print.

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A few benefits of using BPIS:

✓ Quality affordable pet insurance

✓ Peace of mind

✓ Award-winning service

✓ Easy claims process

 Pet lovers – they don’t all have pets, but they all love pets!

British Pet Insurance Services cover a whole range of expenses, which will depend on a number of factors including pet type and age. You even have the option of breed-specific coverage which means for you can get better coverage for lower premiums for breeds that are known to have health issues eg. Persian cat.

What can pet coverage include?

  • Vet Treatment
  • Death by Accident costs
  • Public Liability
  • Theft
  • Boarding fees
  • Holiday cancellation

They can even cover the cost of advertising and rewards for lost pets!

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